A Quick Look at Microsoft Surface Pro

Techies are feasting on another touch-PC release as Microsoft has joined the tablet game. The Surface touch PC series was revealed in June 2012. Microsoft released the light version, Surface RT, in October 26 of last year while the Surface Pro will be released three months after that.

The two versions are quite different internally as the 64-bit Surface Pro will be run by an Intel CPU while the 32-bit Surface RT uses ARM CPU. The Pro still has the VaporMg casing with a built-in back stand and also boasts of a 10.6-inch screen; but it will have a better resolution than the recently released RT. Users will also enjoy the HD Graphics with the third generation Core i5 processor and an impressive 4GB RAM. The interface catches on with Windows 8 as it has a 10-point multi-touch display for a snappy pen input. Connectivity options come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology and the battery life extends to 42 hours, which is said to be twice as much life as the Surface RT. There are two HD cameras on the Surface Pro, front and rear; and not to forget the stereo speakers and microphones. HD movies will be awesome with the large 1920 x 1080 resolution. Windows Store and other sources allow users to do plenty, too. Since Surface Pro is designed to support the Windows 8 Professional version, Adobe Photoshop and MS Office programs can be taken advantage of by those who intend to do some real work on a tablet.


Right away techies feasted on what’s new and how it’s different from other tablet-PCs out in the market. Surface RT and Surface Pro are expected to perform at high end since their maker also created Windows 8 OS which have not been getting kind reviews from consumers. The new operating system is responsible for the new wave of touch PCs as leading brands designed their units around the Windows 8 platform. Surely Microsoft knew how to go around its native software; but what about the hardware? Problems with the seam splitting off resulting to wires being exposed were reported in forums. Microsoft responded to this by saying that the company can replace the defective purchases. Other problems discussed in the forum are the about the audio and Wi-Fi connectivity. Microsoft has not replied to that issue.

The Pro starts at $899 for the 64G and at $999 for the 128GB version. These two Pros both come with the stylus but the Touch Cover is over $100 a piece.

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