A Review of the Swiss Army Gaming Tablet

The Swiss Army Gaming Tablet is a combination of a tablet, snap-on controller, and a TV dock creating the first ever handheld gaming tablet in the market. A Windows 8 tablet is the heart of this gaming device that is powered by a processor which is either Core i5 or i7. To make the tablet give you an exceptional gaming experience, the Nvidia GeForce graphics has been incorporated as well. Add to this powerhouse is a game controller that you can easily snap on to your tablet and you will be well on your way playing various games on your Windows 8 tablet.


The Swiss Army Gaming Tablet’s best feature is its versatility. It can be converted into a mini-PC, a gaming console that can be connected to your TV or you can switch to its handheld feature for a more personal gaming experience. However, paying the price of $1,700 for this new gadget may not be to everyone’s liking even if you are a gamer by heart. The idea of giving up high end performance of a PC may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

This new gaming device can be a bit bulky compared to other Windows 8 tablet out there. The good news is that despite its bulk it is quite comfortable to hold on to. Razer’s logo is found at the back of the tablet which gives it an air of a gaming console which will be a hit with many players everywhere especially when it is set against a matte black finish.

The pixel resolution of the Swiss Army Gaming Tablet may not be as great as that of Surface Pro but it can still provide you with an excellent resolution while playing. You will notice that the games are sharper and the colors crisper than other gaming consoles. The speakers are located at the bottom but if you are after a decent sound experience wearing a headset is recommended.

Installing the tablet onto the GamePad may feel a bit awkward at first due to the added size but you will get used to it. The controls are a bit odd because of their positioning but can be easily overlooked by the good grip you can get when you hold the GamePad. The Swiss Army Gaming Tablet is better off to be played on your lap instead of in front of you especially when you are riding a car or public transport.

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