Ads by Google shows AdChoices Now !?

I got a shock today when I logged onto the site and show that my AdSense ads had apparently turned into AdChoices ads:

Given that my ad code didn’t change, it would seem that AdSense and AdChoices are now in cahoots? If anyone has any information please share it in the comments below!


  1. Pustakers says:

    Yes I am also surprised with the adsense code adchoices :D

  2. richie says:

    yes, i also have these on my website, very strange…

  3. Aditya says:

    I too have the same problem ….

  4. Rohith says:

    Ya same thing which shows adchoices…

  5. Simon Shashi says:

    yeah its showing the same for me too… its weird…

  6. ram says:

    Yes.I too noticed it today. But I dont know anything about adchoice.

  7. Marco J Polo says:

    Yes, I just noticed it today, and my adsense are showing ad-choices and I was puzzled too like you so I searched the internet and found out that my website is not at all alone.

  8. Gilly says:

    No need to worry for that. It is happening to most users. Here is the link for the explanation to Adchoices.
    So no need to contact google for this matter.

  9. shah says:

    Yeh i find this bug on my blog, If anyone having solution then inform me.

  10. Anas says:

    I got the reason from google its in above link:

  11. thanx for sharing this.its an informative post.i am thinking about showing ad on my blog and this is helpful for me.

  12. femalesky says:

    I am also surprised

  13. balaji says:

    i am also getting this same thing… because yahoo ads also showing the “i” only… but these article should help you to understand….

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  15. anika says:

    I got this problem too. But now i realize that it is nothing.. i like adchoices too.

  16. Azhar Khan says:

    Goodbye “Ads By Google” & Hello “AdChoices” As Google’s Backs Industry Label Effort

  17. tessutodilana says:

    This is the MOST ANNOYING thing! I want it removed, can anyone tell me how to do that? They just appeared out of the blue! YUK!

    • wishingstar says:

      ANNOYING and I am considering abandoning my yahoo mail account after 10+ years! no way do I want part of my email page used for worthless ad’s that I could care less about, they are unwanted and intrusive …someone PLEASE share how to get rid of them ….I have tried and tried, Grrrr!

    • Mikie G says:

      did you ever find out how to get this removed from your pages?

  18. Azhar Khan says:

    ‘Ads by Google’ now ‘AdChoices’ so don’t worry :)

  19. klikharry says:

    wanna have “adchoices”

  20. says:

    yes me to but just in the first but know its okye so i found in some website its Microsoft Advertising

  21. mickl says:

    also same happen too me

  22. Technobaba says:

    Good info..

  23. Frank says:

    The same thing is happening on my site here

  24. Martin Phillips says:

    Interesting! I did notice this the other day!

  25. pamela george says:

    fed up with ads that are put on face book is there an change of getting them removed

  26. Dreamer says:

    Now Google ads are more beautiful. I love it.

  27. mathew says:

    is there a way to get rid of it so its just the ad without it saying adchoices..i feel this is hurting my revenue

  28. Daku says:

    I am having BIG problems with my boss because these google-ad swine are putting ads on our website from companies which are in DIRECT COMPETITION with ourselves. I have tried the google opt-out page (you need to sign up to gmail for example to do that) and have removed all the company names in the list but the ads still appear – always the same ones. It isn’t spyware, we have checked for that, so something needs to be done about this and some method found how these ads can be removed.
    We do all the work making websites and google come along and hi-jack them for their own advertising purposes. We do not want ANY ads on our site, apart from those for our own company.
    So if anyone knows how to remove them in IE, I would be most grateful to hear how to do it.

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