Android vs Symbian Mobile OS

Inquiring tech minds want to know which is better: Android or Symbian?

Android coming late to the game means that it is, from its core up, a more modern and glossy mobile OS, offering cutting-edge features not found in Symbian but Symbian’s age gives it a huge userbase, great stability and a name that inspires confidence.

Here is a helpful comparison of the Android and Symbian mobile operating systems :


so if you got an symbian phone suppose an. s60v3 and now you want an s60v5 then all you can do is trash your old phone and buy a new s60v5 by spending cash (like I did)

but if you have an android phone with suppose an 1.6 android version running and you want to upgrade to 2.1 android version then all you have to do is do a software upgrade through your phone or by using a computer and as soon as the upgrade is finished you have your 1.6 replaced by 2.1 giving you new added features and some new user interface, no need of wasting your money on buying new cell phones

2). FLASHING Your phone with new FIRMWARE

If you are a SYMBIAN user and hate the looks of your phones menu style then you have 2 options to change those looks

a – install a new theam for your phone or

b – flash your. phone with new firmware or rom by using a computer

now everybody knows this is a risky procedure and if anything goes wrong your phone will be dead

but if you r an ANDROID user and want to do the same then you have 3 options

a) – either install new theme

b) – either install new menu launcher

c) – flash your phone with new custom firmware

you will need to download a new firmware or rom from internet. and flash it using your phone only by just using the RECOVERY MENU of your phone and if anything goes wrong and your phone is dead then you can actually get back your phone in working condition from the recovery menu itself

it’s as simple as clicking the button. and everything in your phone will be like before nothing ever happened and all this can be dont from your phone itself no need of looking at the computer.


if u use a. SYMBIAN phone and want to change the way how your menu looks. the way how your gallery looks and how your videos. and music liabrary looks and how your notes and documents and messages, mms, and phone book looks the way your browser and file manager looks.

then you can download and install new applications available out there and use them for the purpose but that will take all your precious phone memory and also will not act. as your. default. application. if you don’t want this to happen then you. can find a custom firmware for your phone that satisfy all your needs and flash it but that’s risky as we saw before

but in an android. you can acctually do little tweaks and treaks. by removing your default file browser and downloading. and installing new file browser. that’s it no risky stuff no memorry eaten by an extra useless application tht you don’t need. and the new downloaded application act as your default. application


Now processor is very important to run high end applications, in a symbian phone you cannot see what speed your processor runs on, unlike BlackBerry and others

In an android there are some applications. that not only gives you look of your processor speed. but also can help you control it and help you save your battery by going to minimum speed or help you run high end applications on your. phone smoothly by going to maximum speed.

not only that you can overcloack. yor processor

like my phone processor is 512mhz. and its his max speed

but i overclocked it to 712mhz. now I have smoother phone

d)- money spent on phone

take a NOKIA 5800xm phone and now take a. NOKIA N8

check out the difference

u got bigger screen, bigger processor, good camera that’s it rest is same like same menu view, same file browser and messaging and call log browser

same application can be downloaded and just higher graphics in THE N8 and same. wifi and 3g and gps

but i think i can acctually do with NOKIA 5800 rather then buying expensive n8.


symbian phones does not allow users to do modifications with their phones
but why if you bought the phone its yours, its not nokias phone anymore

android people say its your phone now so go ahed and do anything you want.

Nokia Launched ANNA update!


  1. Okoli jideofor says:

    I enjoyed it but did not talk about their application which I believe symbian has more

  2. Ged schools says:

    I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.I will definitely share it with others.Thanks for sharing.

  3. TechGopal says:

    according to me android is straight forward winner ………

    • massage says:

      What are you indicating, man? I recognize everyones got their own thoughts and opinions, but really? Listen, your web log is neat. I like the hard work you put into it, particularly with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

  4. Wow, fantastic collection of resource! I dint expect such a post here now……………….. Great work share :)

  5. Gangadhar Dangi says:

    According to me Symbian is better because it is cheaper than Android phones and support almost softwares of android phones

  6. daniel says:

    your english is no good.

    • Vasim says:

      That is one of the strategy to rank high in search engines… check title you’ll find techbusy on top on every search engine :)

    • Neeraj says:

      @Daniel… you really know any other language other than english….. He is not writting an essay/para to get marks…what matters is if you understand or not what the writter wants to convey his message….I believe i understood everything he wrote….You need to grow up dude…

  7. Gabriella says:

    With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. :)

  8. i have been using Symbian it found it rather slow than the android

  9. kieran says:

    you can change how symbian looks,have u heard of spb shell,theres voyager menu,and gdesk,all different launchers???try spb shell and say its not customizable. I know countless people that have rooted their brand new galaxy s and htc phones and without even flashing a rom bricked their phones,seriously are you trying to say that flashing a rom on a droid isnt risky??now you say you could do with the 5800 rather than the n8,so the iphone 3g can do most of what the iphone 4 can do so you would be better with the 3g,the lg optimus gt540 rather than the optimus 1,the wildfire rather than desire,the samsung europa gti5500 rather than the galaxy s? Get real.the operating system controls the speed,i have a samsung omnia hd symbian phone with a 600mhz proccessor but that does not mean that when the phone is idle it is running at 600mhz! Now you said that if you do not like a part of android you can just delete it and install a new 1, that simple is it ok,delete google talk and try and download an app from the market,not as simple as youd make it out to be for deleting system apps,has a knock on effect.

    • symbian user says:

      YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT. and also there is limited storage for apps on android even though the phone is rooted..

  10. kieran says:

    and how can you compare updating android to updating s60v3 to s60v5? 1 is a non touch os and the other is,you would want to upgrade a touchscreen os on a non touch phone would you? What phone have you got? Because i know a lot of people with android handsets still stuck on android 1.6 and 2.1 even tho 2.3 and 3.0 android versions are out,with zero chance of an upgrade !

  11. kieran says:

    and i know 3.0 is a tablet optimized version of android,but its the same point as the author saying you cant update s60v3 to v5

  12. sean patua says:

    educated or misled, i surely got some useful information from your analysis. Thanks!

  13. Help me admin and guys out here… i think you all guys must be knowing about this…! am totally dumb when it comes to knowing anything about my phone. I want to be able to catch up all my tv shows while I spend countless hours in the car. How, if possible, do I download my shows to my phone? I bought the JUPITER JACK so I can listen thru my car stereo…but now I just need to know how to get the shows to my phone. Thanks!

  14. pramodh says:

    hey i have a small query! can i use android features with symbian??i mean do we have any software that supports android featured applications to be used in symbian??

  15. Comfortably, the post is during truthfulness a hottest on this subject well known subject matter. I agree with ones conclusions and often will desperately look ahead to your updaters. Saying thanks a lot will not just be sufficient, for ones wonderful ability in your producing. I will immediately grab ones own feed to stay knowledgeable from any sort of update versions. get the job done and much success with yourbusiness results!

  16. kieran says:

    people have to realise that symbian is years old and still powers most of the worlds smartphones. There will be some for of symbian until 2015 at least,now im not 100percent sure but that means symbian is around 20 years or more,see will there be an android phone or an ios phone in 20 years.allmost all android softwares are supported on symbian

  17. kieran says:

    look at the two or three best symbian phones about the samsung omnia hd could have been the best phone in the world when it was released and yet samsung ignored it and didnt support it the se vivaz great phone but bad software bugs and crappy hardware made it bad,that wasnt symbians fault that was samsungs and se’s fault.those two phones had 8mp cams and hd video in 2009.omnia hd had a 3.7 inch amoled display graphics chip,but let down by samsung nt symbian

  18. san says:

    The class android..its just superb………..if you are thinking of
    android phone go for lg optimus series……i bought a optimus back
    the clearest.display i ve ever seen in any other phone……
    Its mind blowing……keep it.up ANDRO

  19. shubham gupta says:

    Actualy m using both symbian as wel as android phone!! so i m more comfrtabl wth android phone.. bt i like symbian phone also cuz i can run mny android apps in symbn also!!

  20. waf says:

    wow an android phone with a good screen lol… Ok,what was the 1st phone with a 12megapixel camera??the sony ericsson satio and that was symbian,1st phone with an amoled display? The samsung i8910 hd yes symbian,and the 1st phone ever to record hd movies oh yeah samsung i8910 hd again,and ye you read right,they are all symbian many android devices have a 12 mp camera,3.7 led screen and hd camcorder?

  21. omar says:

    i brought nokia c5_03 just a month ago ,at that time there were no android phone with the same value and same features,and i think if you want to buy android phone you have to pay extra $100 to get the same specifications of the symbian phone

  22. Arshad says:

    Symbian is good OS but not too good to be compare with Android.
    Android is latest technology OS, which have several latest features which does’nt found on Symbian.

    1. Autofocus camera’s (found in very less no. in Symbian)
    2. Free copy/paste option.
    3. USB Tehthering and portable Hotspot.
    4. Smooth UI.
    5. Upgradable OS (depends on processor)
    6. Support all the video codecs
    7. Office viewer & editor
    8. Intigrated with all Google services.

    well i know that Android have some demerits……..
    but you can see that its a growing OS within 3 years of its origin.
    and growing day by day………….

    so i think Android is better than Symbian.

    • Vasim says:

      Thank You very much for details brother.

    • mahesh says:

      oh really???
      1 – r u saying that symbian doesnt have auto focus feature??? take a look at the 5year old phones. ex nokia n73, n95,etc. even they have 5mp cam that many years ago..
      2- in which symbian smart phone did u see tat the copy paste option is absent.. all the phones which are there running symbian have copy paste options..
      3- you can download an app called joikuspot to use a symbian phone to make it a wi fi hotspot..
      4- i agree android is smooth.
      5- can u upgrade all android phones to 3.0(honey comb) os= impossible??
      6- check out nokia n8 it will support all video codecs.
      7- every symbian has quick office pre installed to view and edit office docs..
      8-symbian is ingreated with nokia services..

      does an android phone have fm transmitter???
      does an android phone have an opion to connect pendrives, mouse , hardisks?? symbian can.
      android 2.2 doesnt have video calling only.
      . android sucks. symbian^3. anna,belle is great. check out nokia n8 to confirm the above features..

      • Arshad says:

        I agree that symbian is good OS but Android is very good OS.
        And all the listed features are found in Android internally without installing any
        External softwares.
        You say that n8 supports all the codecs I agreed but every android phone
        Supports all the codecs. But all the symbian phone does’t.
        I say that android phone can upgradable to next version depending upone
        His processor..liike if an Android has arm 11 800 MHz prc then it will be
        Upgradable to 2.1-2.2-2.3. But in symbian phone it is impossible to upgrade
        And free copy paste in android is internally no need to install software like in pc. But
        This feature is not found in symbian internally.

      • Arshad says:

        1)- You can do everything with android phone which you can do with symbian except hardware compitability issues.And do more & more which can’t be possible with symbian.
        2)- You can play playstation,game boy,game boy advance,nitendoo,attari etc games on android
        Smoothly but in symbian you can play only game boy & nitendoo games which doesn,t run smoothly
        3)- Android supports Adobe Flash player 10.3 while symbian supports only lite version Adobe Lite v4
        4)- Compare Nokia N8 vs Samsung Galaxy S II then you will understand that what is symbian and what is android.

    • naba kumar poira says:

      man, plz check thoroughly, symbian has both office viewer and editor which gives better viewing experience than Android.
      I have galaxy s I9003 which does not support all types of video format which nokia N8 has.

  23. Aman says:

    Guys help me…..which one is better sony ericsson xperia x10 or motorola backflip…

  24. fredrik finland says:

    my friends jar is gone. android is comes. And 2 or 3 year later all companies will making android phones . I think till when nokia is soldout in mobile market . because android is common plate form all companies produced in huge amount. And jar is vary old but android is made by jar,cc+,c ,etc computer programs & symbian compressed system version . Android & windows phone same patern phones because all app instal in phone. If you delete system file phone is dead . Symbian is reliable cheap but wait some time android sonami is coming soon early

  25. izat kakar khoidadzai says:

    guyz android is better than symbian

  26. Amitkumar says:

    Hey guys im a symbain user from past 5 years, right from 6600, 5800 and now Eseries. Have you guys noticed one beautiful part of symbain? Its the ability of OS to take minimum amount of power there by makin your phone battery to last for 3 to 4days. And few ppl complain than symbain phones are wit low processors, but the fact is symbain is such a os whic doesn need 1.2Ghz processor or 1GB ram to run efficiently. More the ram and processor more is your battery consumption and lesser wil be your phones battery life. With E series one can edit view all office documents like word, exel and powerpoint and even Pdf n zip. Even one can download and attach attachments. My E52 is equipped wit 608mhz Processor but it runs good and gives me 5days backup.
    Im not sayin that android is bad but it is a very good oswhic requires larger processors. Symbain anna has got pretty good look and got better user interface wit good browser and maps.

  27. Henrietta says:

    No one says “phone is yours do whatever you want”. Both have heaps of closed specifications, especially driver-like. A phone would be really mine if I was able to easily port Linux onto it.

    And Android’s not Linux. Not unless it has vi and gcc.

  28. perknima says:

    It was great to read this article as well as all the comments and discussion below ..
    Thanks to the author and Kieran …

  29. perknima says:

    What About BB ??

  30. Gustavo says:

    I concluded that Android is better compared with Symbian for the medium or advanced user, great article.!!

  31. talisman says:

    android is the latest OS but don’t think its the best OS at this stage anyway maybe in next 5 – 10yrs to come when all mobile phone companies will be manufacturing android OS

  32. Sree says:

    I read your very interesting blog with lots of interest. Just one thing. I want to buy a good smartphone. However I would like to mention that most of the time I end up recording call conversations which are important and which i can refer to later. So tell me which smartphone having android os have an inbuilt facility to record calls conversations. I am not talking of third party applications because sometimes they do not work. Can you name just one android based phone that can record call conversations? Then we can say that you have done your research well. No offense meant.

  33. says:

    I have an android and a symbian. My personal experience so far is that symbian is far far superior .

  34. Shahul says:

    i read all ur comments and the Article.. Its the Hottest Topic nw… Symbian/Androi??
    Guys.. U can say dat Android s Better.. First of all i was more anxious about Androis nd felt hww it’ll be.. Bt Nowadays using my Nokia E5 I feels like Symbian s D Best.. U can’t get a Good Android Smartphone for 8K… Can u??? U can’t… Bt der comes d More Efficient with lesser cost nd More Reliablity with Nokia symbian phones..and u can’t even Upgrade a Tnon Touch screen fone 2 Touch Screen OS… Hey guys how to work wen der s No Touch Sensor.. Such a Foolishness… Bt Nokia s providing S60^3 upgrades for Nokia Anna.. Den upto Apps and Softwares.. Der s Enough nd Enough for Symbian.. Guys think Before yu Leap..!!!

  35. deepak says:

    hi there, all android phone can record ur calls

  36. rahul says:

    Yes you are abslutly right, I myself an ANDROID user and i feel symbian cant catch hands of ANDROID! Its my os and i can do what i like with it but a symbian user cant. I can root my phone and can change my ANDROID in the way i like!! Even i can flash any firmware i like which is available in the market totaly FREE! and at last its power and supported by GOOGLE!

    My rating

    ANDROID:- 9 out of 10

    symbian:- 4 out of 10

    • Vasim says:

      You have got the point :)

    • Symboy says:

      Rahul, do u know? 99% of India don’t know the Symbian and android.? how u r giving 9/10 and 4/10?

      • Raj says:

        @Symboy…LOL its truth ..indian public wants chepest, dual-triple sim, very loud speakers…also they wants free talktime :D ..they never think about “OS” thing…i think indians hv more chinease phones that china..

        below are the chepest n ugliest brands r popular in india.

        maxx mobile

  37. vtreddy says:

    According to me Symbian is better.Applications we can get from 3rd party sites also.and best web support than android.One usefull application is better than more useless applications

  38. Leo Ranu says:

    guiezz,,,,,,as v knw that the symbian OS is old……,,,bt hav any 1 thought that why itzz still in the market nd the nokia which is the world reknown company 4 its phones still making symbian cells…….,,,,jst bcozz..symbian last long nd even symbian is cheaper…… i dnt say that android is bad…..nopezz never android is also gud bt which android phone gives a battery backup of talk time 6 hrs…..,,i think very few ones nd 2day the battery backup is the main prob,,,,,nd the rest goes to HD video recording see nokia c6-01 it records at 720p compared to xperia mini which has a bravia engine having also hd recording of 720p…..but the clearity is wid nokia …..if having dought see and compare these phones….so according to me symbian still rockzz……!!!!!

  39. Symboy says:

    All you people in the world…………..its very simple…

    Symbian is for Techno-freak people. special R&D liked ppl

    Android is for common, neutral (u can say n00bs) people.

    Symbian OS is far better and powerful than any other OS…it can only handle by experts only…not businessmen & girls

  40. Regards for sharing Android Vs Symbian Operating System with us keep update bro love your article about Android Vs Symbian Operating System .

  41. Power User says:

    Hello All,

    Very nice blog, it seems most of the users are newbie huh…neways,

    According to me, Symbian is the first customizable Smartfone OS. it is still in the market in various versions.
    i remembered Nokia 7650 was king of those times. now symbian OS is very wast and globally used.
    Android is made for touch screen phones. a new name a new generation. Ecair, gingerbread etc etc. still not stable.
    Many of the users think about price first. i can say them OK but appart from both OS, many basic phones are available for you.
    @Android Users = Welcome newbies….i can understand your mind is still developing. you are not at all power users. You may be a kids, Buissnessmens & Girls. typical users.

    @symbian users= hope you all are duin fine. you are the power users because you got the real Powerful OS.

    Lets see now, in coming 10 years which OS is running. ( Symbian is already running from last 10-11 years)

    Greetz ,
    Henry W.

    • Vasim says:

      amazing review for android…. thumbs up!

    • mohammad says:

      maybe you dont know that symbian is dead already and canceled by nokia
      nokia themselves abandon symbian and jump for WP7
      symbian now is third in market share behind android and ios
      i have the N8 and Samsung Galaxy s2
      android is new stylish, perfect UI , super fast , full of apps (useful apps not fart apps in ovi store )
      better resolution , bigger screens , perfict office reader and editor (dont fool your self office suite in n8 is a joke), google services , adope flash 10.3 (the real deal not a buggy flash lite 4.0 which sometimes not work even on youtube ) , good collection of browsers and all of them works very fast . the ability to use default apps . working app manager , and the list is very long
      i only use my n8 now for the camera
      only a stuibed person will buy a dead os like symbian

  42. Bruce says:

    Hey! Please help me, I am in dire need, if I buy an android phone, so do I have to make a deal with android for two years or something like this.I am very confused.I want to buy an android phone.

  43. Leo Ranu says:

    @bruce:- bro if u wanna use a phone 4 2 long yrs then u mst use symbian…,,itzz the powerful OS which can nvr make u bor or sumthing else…,,,,nd later itzz up 2 ur choice…..

  44. Harsh R says:

    All OS have their unique features, android has it’s vastness, symbian is durable, reliable and malware free
    But man how can u say N8 and 5800 are same
    1. Camera
    2. N8 has AMOLED and capacitive not TFT and resistive(it sucks).
    3. N8 has bigger screen.
    4. N8 has greater 3G speed of 10.1 mbpsnot 3.1 like 5800.
    5. N8 has double the RAM than 5800.
    6. N8 has really better processor.
    7. N8 has solid looks with aluminum casing.
    8. TV out, HDMI, USB on the go(connect your pen drive, mouse etc)
    9. N8 Has FM transmitter
    10. Gorilla Glass
    11. N8 runs symbian ANNA.

    these are only few of them, there are tons of them which i cant mention here. They are really different, in all aspects. How can you just write an article with little knowledge. Are you a kiddo? Think and Research before you speak. YOUR article may mislead a lot of people. :X

  45. android anyday is very fast and very versatile.symbian was no 1 until android came and i think android is here to stay as numero uno.

  46. Harsh R says:

    have you gone nuts? Nokia is releasing it’s symbian belle soon.
    this answers your ”
    maybe you dont know that symbian is dead already and canceled by nokia
    nokia themselves abandon symbian and jump for WP7″
    get updated and then comment here

  47. Lasiaf says:

    I was always a fan of stability of Nokia OS but recently bought Android mobile and no regrets tbh even though the nokia sets in same range offered more camera pixels than android phones. Symbian is dead. Even Nokia has ditched it

  48. rocky says:

    I used symbian, now I’m using android and I don’t think symbian is any less than android. But I can clearly say that the writer is biased about his choice of os. He likes android even before his research and wana stick to it.

  49. hi guys. . Great topic. .
    My wish is symbian. . Becoz of d following advantanges:
    1) pixels of nokia n73 is 240 by 320 with 256k colours which d latest android smart phones have. .
    2)every 1 knws abt nokias bat lyf where android doest have. .
    3)user friendly( from 15 to 50 can use nokia) but android is mostly liked by teens, nt by professionals, aged mans and families. .
    4) cheap and best. . Which has a lot of care centre. .
    5) video calling is possible by just dailing d number. . Whereas android need some messengers to video calls(skype r fring). .
    6) quality is awsome. . And is worthful for our money. .
    7) customer statsification. .
    And so many. . Nokia is the real king maker. . Android is partime joker. . So guys pls dnt get confuse. .

    • Sree says:

      this refers to your point number 3. I disagree with you on that. My dad is 73 year old engineer. So he is a professional and aged man and he has an android phone. He tells me it is convenient for him to check his email on the phone. Also I recently met another person who was aged and he too was using an android phone. He was advising me to buy samsung galaxy s2. so i guess u need to do research first and then comment.

  50. hai friends. . :)
    nokia n73 hav 3.15 MP, 2048×1536
    pixels, Carl Zeiss optics,
    autofocus, LED flash. .with vga videocall camera. . whereas its 3r4 years old. . Compare it with latest android phones frm samsung, micromax, spice, htc nd etc. .

    • Louis says:

      what shit u r taking
      u r having a brick
      do not compare tft with super amoled displays or nova displays
      i think u r already using an android device

  51. dhruba says:

    Symbian was good. Android is the best. Nokia is like an arrogant child who likes self praise. when every Big mobile producing companies are opening themselves to a range of OS why can’t nokia bring in a new concept. I would never go for a nokia when i can enjoy a lot more applications elsewhere. Shit nokia. Shit symbian.

    • akilesh michael joseph p says:

      I think you are foolish in your attitude as symbian is user friendly than android , rather you are not soo great or equal to nokia , if you need to comment you must not use words like SHIT on a great company like nokia or even others , being just a customer you comment too much. Also nokia is not a copy cat to copy others OS praise him for his genuineness.

  52. tarish says:

    i think nokia symbian belle is more powerful than android

    • Imraan says:

      Time ‘ll tell brother. Time ‘ll shut up all the symbian-haters.

      • AndFTW says:

        Symbian is a basically dead OS….leading OS are Android,iOS and Windows mobile…real competition is between those 3…you are just blinded by the fake user-friendlyness and defending and old fort which is itching to crumble and can be incinerated singlehandedly by any of those 3 OS I listed

        I’ve read your past comments and saw that you’ve said that android has a fancy UI..yes it has a great..and “user friendly” UI which is undoubtedly thousands of miles ahead of symbian UI..symbian UI is like child’s scribblings compared to android…

        Then the android keyboard is very easy to use…this was even accepted by one of my friends..who is a die hard Symbian fan..

        In terms of power and customization…symbian is nowhere near android..the processing speeds of android devices were ahead of their competitors when they were released
        I saw that u said that USB OTG is nokia exlusive…with the new Android update it is not…and older users who cant update, can root their phone and do it..
        Then app support….OVI store is shit compared to android market and apple app store…also androids app caching process saves much power and still run tuhe phone fast no matter how much apps are opened….unlike symbian…take that for saying android is power consuming…even I am typing this while running 9mm hd and asphalt 6 on the background

        On Copying others stuff…both iOS and belle copied the android notification system

        Give it up…Android is innovative…symbian is NOT!…still stuck on the same base…android is generous…even a tiny update gives a lot of new features…awesome customer support no matter how many devices out there….

        Im not saying that Nokia is bad….just symbian…if N8 had android with better internal hardware….it could have been EPIC…

        • ataul says:

          I am using Android now. but I used nokia Sybian since many years. I have some point to say. Android have not automatic schedule mail chk option in custom interval. Android have not call recording option without speaker phone on,Andoid have not USB on go (like pen drive).Android have not automatic data connection on/off when i open internet based app.Android have not play wide varity of audio video files.

          • AndFTW says:

            Err…exactly this proves that Symbian should exist…for dumb ppl like you

            Automatic mail schedule??!!…you can change that…just search for some help
            Usb OTG can be used with the new update…or u can root ur phone and do it
            Automatic data connection??…thats what widgets are for!! I hate it when Symbian promts me everytime I use a when I open a web based app

            Call recoding without speaker…use the market
            Doesnt play variety of music files….u dumb fing moron..there are tons of apps out there….u too lazy to search eh?


            Learn android well and then comment…i cannot cure the lazyness symbian gave to ya…

  53. ITSystems says:

    Yes. You can upgrade (or not) to new version, but your phone will stop working correctly.
    New OS has new software and need more memory. Yes, you can upgrade from 1.6 to 3.0 but it needs more memory and CPU. “All you can do is trash your old phone and buy a new”

  54. Aditya says:

    Yes tarish u r absolutely right , i m with u as SYMBIAN is definately powerful than ANDROID

  55. SURAJ says:

    I hv xperia x8 mobile (android 2.1) but I want to upgrade into android v 2.2 what I do ?

    • Devendra Pandit says:

      Dear Suraj,
      There is user-interface changed (HARDWARE)in ANDROID 2.2 so you can’t upgrade your phone ANDROID 2.1~2.2(Froyo).

  56. yeah says:

    dont forget it is all about “mobile” phone not a “monster” phone, balance spec is very very important more than very very fast or nice UI that make battery wasting down.
    so, dont talk about proccecor overclock, very very LOL.

  57. ASH says:

    hey dude i have an symbia nokia5800 and android lg optimus. i first didnot like the os of the nokia 5800 then i thought of upgrading it to spbshellv3.7.1 it worked and gave the phone the best look u would have.i downloaded it from and then registered with code in this website.the android phone is extraordinary it had more hd games and apss it was a wonder to have the android os but nokia and android will have tough competition the nokia is going to release the new symbian upgraded version see the video at

  58. Debasis says:

    How people Compare with a Ferrari and Tata nano.. Android Is Best Symbian Worlds Failure Os .. Never Better Or Good . People use Symbian before because android and iOS not released.. Belle is a Copy Of Android UI.
    Belle is also fell OS. Belle have stylus icon changed but old Symbian problem like memory leak,unnecessary apps running on start up u cannot see these and have to stop eat internal memory creating dump files many problems i found . don’t buy any nokia phones i suggest buy it own risk..

    • naba kumar poira says:

      when Android came in market 1st time, people like u telling that it is a copy of nokia OS, now u r telling Belle is a copy of Android. can u tell me how it is possible to make a completely different OS???..

    • teja says:

      I agree with u boss what about N9. Give me sugge…….

  59. Imraan says:

    no disrespect, but i think of android as a overrated OS only. It is having good UI only but i have seen that the power drainage issue is a big factor in android which is not there in symbian. I am a loyal symbian (Nokia N8) user and i shall always be with symbian. Hoping for better results in belle.

  60. Dipanjan says:

    Symbian is a dead platform. It died long back. Now that everyone left Symbian, Nokia is still with it. once there was a question about which one is more powerful Symbian or Windows Mobile. And WinMO won from all aspects..Now Android is more powerful than WinMo. How can one compare Android with Symbian? It doesn’t even support proper multitasking, while it was implemented by WinMo about 10 years back!!!Symbian is extremely slow, doesn’t have proper memory and thread management feature… Nokia is ruining itself with Symbian

    • Vasim says:

      Yeah….but most of here think that symbian is better :)

      • Debasis says:

        They Are Not Experts only shit comment ready to make who does not know what is new and tech ..

        • Chanchal Kumar Hens says:

          Then you think you are an expert? The main reason behind nokia’s abondoning symbian os is that the coding has grown extremely massive, so it would be costly to produce any symbian super device. And, do u know why nokia is unwilling to make any android device? It’s nokia’s sheer business policy. They were always beside people, and hope will be. Nokia Lumia 710 is already in the market. Nokia lumia 610 is coming. Name an android device with similar price tag having equal all round qualities. Quality matters, looks secondery. Yessss again, some andriod operated phones, like Samsung Galaxy S3, are really outstanding; still android phones with low or mid renge price tag are just waste of money and brain power. I think YOU are Adopted child of Mr. Mukesh Ambani. But dear, when I choose a product I calculate how many ways I can technically change the device. Just tell me, ‘can you install any Indic font in your android phone?’ Thanx 4 reading

  61. Imraan says:

    if we look into stats of smartphone users of 5-10 years. We can see that windows users : symbian users ll be like 1:10 if not 100. So comparing windows Mobile with symbian is justified in which sense, is not clear to me. HTC crashed in market only for Windows mobile.
    And regarding wat most of the people think, every android user says its the best and wheneva i ask any android user what is the advantage of android (other than fancy UI :P ) over symbian for an end user (he must not necessarily be a kernel expert). They SHUP UP completely. lol
    I am happy with Nokia and i hope i shall not be depressed ever. Nokia is introducing amazing tech. like USB OTG, NFC (which ‘ll be copied by the rivals very soon, i bet which others are still thinking and dreaming. So i dnt think Nokia ‘ll ever lose its kingly status. Long live Nokia and Symbian of course

    • Debasis says:

      @imraan Nokia is introducing amazing tech. like USB OTG, NFC (which ‘ll be copied by the rivals very soon, i bet which others are still thinking and dreaming. So i dnt think Nokia ‘ll ever lose its kingly status. Long live Nokia and Symbian of course.

      Shitty News By imraan always as i think u don’t know google Nexus Htc and samsung phones world’s first nfc based handsets . In Europe and Usa People use Google Nexus and Samsung Phones With NFC for shoping easily payment money .. Nokia Always shit having big advertise only .. Belle is A Copy Of Android UI. also Europe and american people not trust in nokia best operators like to Sprint,nextel.tmobile,orange,vodafone etc comes with android and apple … Not in Nokia World’s Failure Device OS HArdware Maker’s like chines vendors.. lol .

      • naba kumar poira says:

        @debasis: talk about Asia.. not about Europe and USA.. if u want to follow them then go nude in public like them or kiss ur GF in public..Do u know that google nexus2 supprts NFC not nexus1? before nexus2 launched, there is a model of Nokia named C7 supports NFC. So, who copied whom? and what about USB OTG? isn’t it a best mobile innovation which is now copied(according to u) by many android handset makers. and what about volume and music control technology through nokia headset?? isn’t it very good? and what about lifetime free Voice navigation in nokia phones? dont be just fancy. i totally agreed with u that with old symbian, android is not comparable..but with symbian belle,, why not???

        • Debasis says:

          @Naba Kumar Well i am a Techie,mobile pc expert before m also using nokia phones. what is the problem well i share with you first Nokia Symbian belle is copy from Android UI,Memory leak Problem,Not Have Good Multitasking Feature,Autorun.exe,inf easily can affected your memory,nokia phone mostly update through nokia pc suite,ovi or need to maintenance for flashing through nokia care,the big problem is nokia does not have a faster Webkit Engine browser,Does Not have good apps games ghz Processor but out of memory is the main mistek . So Not Compare With Android Mobile.. LAstly people Not Satisfied with higher budget nokia mobiles.. people love to buy a nokia mobile budget with 2000inr to 3500inr only ..

        • louis says:

          what shit ??
          indians feel shy to kiss in public but do not feel shy to pee in public…

      • Imraan says:

        ” google Nexus Htc and samsung phones world’s first nfc based handsets ”

        Looks like a paid PROPAGANDIST to me.. lol
        the whole world knows Nokia introduced NFC technology.. and the others started to follow. Please do not misguide people. And so far as COPYING-belle-from-android is concerned. Where from android copied the multitasking ?
        Also its an open secret that android copied iOS. So stop bitching about Symbian and wait for belle.

        • Debasis says:

          Nokia Seems Failure Always Android is not coiped from iOS lol Its Same Linux based Linux is Open Source Any 1 Can Create own free Operating System .. Dont Try to Make Fucking typ Argument ..

          the whole world knows Nokia introduced NFC technology.

          Coz of Advertisement Lol ..

          I think u never us an Android,Apple Or Blackberry So Kinda Of Problem Bitchy Mind With You ..

          • Imraan says:

            seems like this mad-man, self-proclaimed mobile expert (must be kidding) has used only the Nokia N70 which used to hang otherwise why so much of bitching against nokia. And people using 5MP iPhone and HTC Wildfire (android) of Rs 10k pretends that their pic quality is better than Nokia. You must not have touched Nokia N8 in that case. Like i said, the king Nokia is gonna flush all the miniatures and maintain the strong dominion again with Belle(now start bitching that its an android’s copy).

            Blackberry’s shares are exponentially down.
            Apple started a new strategy of bringing out low-end-mobiles and stop its lame 1-phone-per year plan.
            Android phones are overhyped and will soon get what they deserve like the earlier overhyped blackberries.

            So, dnt give me a shit about these, open your eyes and try to see the future.

        • Rocky says:

          Ohh F8#k O** _!_ All Nokia is Shit Poor Chines Mades also nokia And N8 only 12MP Camera My Iphone have 5MP And My Quality like Superb .. Apple And Sony phones Are Best in Camera Quality test Then Write… poor Chines Cheap Peoples..

    • Lenin says:

      I like you man, a nokia chepest phone can have many features like high processor,RAM, high resolution, good screen..etc…..
      But a chepest android didn’t h’ve all these , only have an autofocus,but no high resolution .and some have adobe flashplayer thats all. And can tell to anybody that it is android.
      Feel the Belle ,its very nice ,i love it

  62. Barath says:

    wait N8 and iphone user .who the hell said that iphone os is good im currently using an iphone 3gs nd nokia E7 the camera quality of iphone lacks now than that of a E7 both i bought them before 6 months.i didnot like the performance in these phones so buy only these windows 7 phones in the future.

  63. Rocky says:

    U r using old iphone so its happen m talking about my 2 year old iphone 4 not 4gs…

  64. Imraan stupid! says:

    Haha..even kids doesn’t want to use nokia phone,outdated OS,rubbish UI and it’s too far if tried to compared with iOS or an

  65. vishnu says:

    nowadays smart phones seems better than an average pc. Like pc. Then why cant the mobile developers design phones which supporting more than 1 OS


    i recently that is 3 months back purchased a nokiac5-03 model for about 8500 rupees,my friend recently taken samsung galaxy y series android version phones for just 7000 and he iscopying number of video filesand audio files withina short time,this is making me embarrasing.shit nokia,it cheated me

  67. Tania says:

    i used symbian for about 5 yrs before i changed to android. i am nt a symbian hater… but the drawback of nokia phones and few other symbian using OEMs is that they have been a bit lazy. they forgot that change is necessary. although nokia is now geared up for the change…. it is a bit too late. still, nokia being nokia, i hope they are back with a bang!

  68. ataul says:

    Why peoples r wasting time to thinking about thime,speed,numbers of app etc, it is needless to say that Nokia belle is very cool ,functional and serve all things what we r need and have chance to less virus attacking

  69. teja says:

    Now im using two mobiles. first i buy nokia701 and. then lg black. nokia is extrodinary camera display look android provides more free appsbut os is much. what my pproblem is both are lhanging and auto on and of problems. Market is very better than ovi. for all people i request that is please. ggive a conclusion at end

    • ataul says:

      teja go for nokia. it is little bit slow but more reliable more multy media option and easy to operate. android is ok but need more attention, half a millions of app on android market is not important most of app are just for playing (install, then see, then uninstall,)when u install an apps u are also infected by some virus too, then your android mobile becoming slow.nokias new symbian smart phones have a drawback in camera system they put fixed focus camera on there phones for this reason u can’t snap documents but more then 70cm far u can take guaranteed sharp photos from it.I am using now android htc legend but soon i will go back to symbian again. nokias symbian live like fenix bird.
      if u can pay more money then go for iphone but no fm radio.

    • Cool buddy says:

      Hey guys android phones are make only for gaming and tp applcations while the symbian belle is make for many important applcation. The guy who have to do jst tp in life will purchase android and the guys who have to do some serous work will purchase symbian belle. If u think i am false so for your kind ioformation check and compare both mobile specifications. You will see the difference between anroid and symbian

  70. SabithLycan says:

    Meego is better than Android

  71. ataul says:

    AndFTW says android is the best but i say symbian is the best and also meego is superb AndFTW is wrong, he is not in practical view. I am using android and digging much more and see nothing else now i throw it I will go back to is not for mobile phone it is for tablet pc over smartness sometimes look like foolish.symbian is not over smart but smart. May be that guys AndFTW is also over smart too.

    • AndFTW says:

      Well It’s like this….Android makes your phone smarter…Android can do everything that Symbian does…and its much much more powerful than Symbian…
      Im a guy who needs to do most of the activities i do in PC, in my mobile…for that Android is the best for me…Cause Symbian’s capabilities are very limited comparing to android….

      I <3 Nokia..They make the best external Hardware,the phones are very durable..But they stuck to Symbian so long…that was the reason they fell behind the others

      Atleast now they have understood the fact and switching to others like Windows phone
      and Meego(Linux Based like android :D) and Meltemi (also linux based ) for low end smartphones of series 40…

  72. Nomi says:

    Haha. Dear i think you are wrong. Nokia whether its S40v5 or S60v5 supports software update. And remember S40 and S60 are totally different platforms you can’t interchange them. Secondly if you want to change user interface or style of icons and their placement in to and search for Ndesk or vmenu you’ll get a look. For monitoring your processor get Mguard from

  73. Cool buddy says:

    Hey android users dön’t compare yourself with apple iphone bcoz anroid don’t have its self respect it’s range is starting frm 4000 INR in any chioa mobile. Anroid doesn’t think abt its reputation in market. Due to my openion android will as common as java after few months.

    Now a days upcoming is anroid 4.0 (ics) it’s prices will be same as starting price 4000INR.

    And android is only useful in big screens like akash tabs starting 2500INR so cheap.We can take real experience of android only in hd big screens not in smart phones

  74. dakisgr says:

    can i install symbian and android in one device?

  75. MarCus DraCus says:

    to make the strory short Android Os is the Best… =)

  76. ruby says:

    can i upgrade symbian to android? my phone model sony ericsson vivaz pro.

  77. Anuraag says:

    First of all of course u cant upgrade s60v3 to s60v5 coz s60v3 is for the type phones n s60v5 is for the TOUCH phones….how can someone put touch OS in a type phone…?
    n don’t u think all ANDROID PHONES ARE TOUCH…
    u can update 1.6 to 2.1 but not to 2.2 right?
    here s60v5 cant be upgraded to s60^3 or Symbian belle coz the phone lacks RAM n stuffs…..
    but s60^3 phones like N8 can be updated to Symbian belle….
    n belle is NOT A COPY of android….in many ways
    n the article was written by an ANDROID FAN…..
    u cant compare a Touch phone wit a Type phone!

    Nokia’s gonna kill every phone coz of one phone they r bringing…….

    Nokia 808 PureView (key feature – 41 Mega-pixel camera)

    • jean says:

      you are right.but dont waste your time arguing in the PLACE OF ANDROIDS.

    • Louis says:

      Nokia 808 PureView (key feature –
      41 Mega-pixel camera)

      that is a hard ware feature. what can 41 mp do if ur screen resolution is low.

  78. Arshad Nawaz says:

    41 MPX camera is not a quality of a phone
    Quality of phone is its…..
    1) Proccessor
    2) RAM, ROM
    3) Screen Resolution & ppi
    4) Battary Life
    5) Connectivity (3G, 4G, Wifi etc.) etc.

    I have both Symbian (Nokia E5) and Android (Samsung Galaxy Pro).
    Now i have updated my Android phone 2.2 with 2.3 and its working well.

    Symbian has only one & big draw back is its protected apps.

    if anyone crack any paid apps it will get unsigned and will not work on any normal symbian phone untill you don’t hack it. and also on thier Store they provides Java Games & Apps instead of Symbian.

    Nokia will soon (in 2015) stop the developing of S60v1, v2, v3 (check on internet)

    • Louis says:

      I think

      41 MPX camera
      1) Proccessor
      2) RAM, ROM
      3) Screen Resolution & ppi
      4) Battary Life
      5) Connectivity (3G, 4G, Wifi etc.)

      are all related to hardware irrespective of the OS on the device.

  79. ayub.k says:

    symbian is the best os than android and nokia is the best than samsung………….

  80. Sjk says:

    Which is batter symbian or android? in a complete way. a symbian(latest smartphone) phone or a phone with android(latest version//not tablet\\) os. in all manner. like battery life, video calling capacity, data downloading speed like (? MB/sec) ((if same network is used on both phones)), main camera photo quality, video frame rate, service of the handset provider, availability of accessories like earphone, charger, cost n availability of battery, service centers, ((time takes to give the service>> (Ex:- exchange of earphone) )) etc in all over the country(any) not only in metros or big city.. if it supports any application then how smoothly ,

    compere best phone of both with above…………

    • Louis says:

      if u want phone with a durable hardware buy symbiam-nokia.
      if u are looking for multi tasking, speed, ui, customization n sync buy android.

  81. Louis says:

    so symbian lovers u mean to say that since Android has become the no 1 OS in the market and big mobile manufactures are going for it and it has toppled nokia-symbian and apple-iOS we all Android users are fools.
    pls use google n search the data n correct yourself.
    perhaps u don’t want to use google coz Android belongs to google.

  82. Louis says:

    yes that is why nokia has lost business come down to 5th whereas Android n Samsung has reached no 1 in just 1 yr

  83. Louis says:

    i pity u
    u purchased same features paying a higher price.

  84. Sjk says:

    There are hundreds of excellent handsets,, N it is difficult to choose one. Is there any thing to buy customized cell phone (or in near future). Just like assembled PC . I wants to get out of “”thinking which is good and which is best””. n fighting …. sht;;;;

    Android is better then better then symbian
    but why all android handsets are not have the facility to upgrade their OS to 4.0 ice-cream
    instead very few r their
    >>>a contradiction<<<partiality are their on different handsets<< the manufacturer trying to sell their product through android << as it is open source << via low prices <

    symbian is crystal clear

    all depends on longevity and i.e “S”

  85. Sjk says:

    is Micromax A50 Ninja is a best phone at 4,999 INR

  86. Tralala says:

    Actually, you can upgrade the Symbian OS software through the nokia store, and its free or just connect the cable from your Symbian to your PC.

  87. LesJar says:

    In my opinion i think Symbian is a better os when compared to Android. Android may be a new os with lots of eyecandy stuffs, but Symbian had already set the pace for others to follow. Symbian is a very capable os coz it can run on very limited hardware resources.I am saying this because my old nokia N95 which has just 25mb of runtime ram can ran HD games,skype,download emails all at the same time. And there’s on way Android can multitask with such limited resources not with all that uneccesary bloatware.. ie. live wallpapers,widgets etc.. runing in the background. And like i said Symbian has already set the bar a decade ago before Android was born with hardware accelerated grafics, high-res cameras, 3g, wifi, gps navigation, better power management, etc, etc…you name it and Symbian had it first. And why would do i need to overclock my processor in Android to get sharper grafics at the expence or my battery’s life? Thats just dumb. And i know a lot of Android users who carry along a spare battery and chargers with them just because the devices are little green power-sucking robots!!.

  88. tubedroid says:

    so u r comparing ur so called N95 or any other symbian latest phones to our latest Quad Core Android phones..u r too stubborn..
    u know what…..even nokia left symbian for windows OS for its smart phones..symbian is doomed..

  89. tubedroid says:

    i don’t want to comment what Android is to be felt n not said………….
    I just love it
    use Google….Android is one of its many products…..
    Android came last in all the major OS..but see what this child has done… has toppled all the other OS….emerged as the most sold so most loved OS…why…….ask a school going user or a kernel expert….you will get the answer………
    yes our Android is still a child with just less than half a decade when the first Android based mobile was launched…….thanks to HTC… in front of all the other existing OS….but you know what….our child is growing…..the are many issues that Google is fixing and trying to do with Android with its other products…..let the dust settle and we will see…being a child of the great Google with its range of products and reach…Best from Android is yet to come…..Android will blast all other OS including Symbian to bits…..
    Android lovers cheers.!!! we are winning and shall win forever..

    • kj17 says:

      hey all of u don’t know anything whats going on in NOKIA..ur android OS is very good in terms of apps and add-on.but lets face the fact..without SYMBIAN no ANDROID..all modern apps,OSes and other features get their from ur so called”ZOMBIE OS”:SYMBIAN..I’m not a ANDROID hater or pro SYMBIAN coz i appreciate all the efforts of the developers in these two platform.every OSes has its own pros and cons so don’t try to bash any other OS that you abandoned.IF you dont like the other OS just dont buy the device using it and don’t bash it and buy your fave OS that suite ur daily activities..I agree that ANDROID OS is perfect for playing apps but remember to manage your battery or youll find your phone dead in the middle of your operation;SYMBIAN is best in practical usage/ it is best in day to day telling u..this is a smartphone not a PC.

  90. louis says:

    just imagine, if Android had never came. Nokia with its Symbian would be still fooling the people with their 600 Mhz n 512 mb phones.
    Now with Android we have dual and quad core phones with upto 1.5 Ghz clock speed and 2 mb RAM !!! many pcs have the same memory n clock speed.
    Now many Symbians complains that we Androids need more power, yes we Androids are power hungry people & we need more & more power in our devices coz we want our device to be more than just a phone. It is this sheer power that has crushed the Symbian. Just try to do the “same things” on your Symbian device that I do on my Android device, you will want to throw your phone in the dust bin. That does not happen with my Android.
    Android needs more power simply coz it does more things..that is a simple calculation.
    Let the symbians regoice & dream with their “low” devices that it consumes less power.
    Who cares…!!!

    • sreelal says:

      imagine you are in a train and the entire journey take 3 days with your latest android phone (sleeper class ) one plug point for 12 coaches . . You sucks..
      but my nokia last 2 days with all time 2g data

  91. Cipiripi says:

    Hi there!
    I have Samsung Galaxy S for 2 years…and it is a GREAT android phone especially after my brother rooted it with DarkyROM, it is FAST&Furious heh
    But, Android OS is too much for me and too complicated for me…
    So I am interested in buying Nokia 808 PureView and I am just wondering if there is any user who has this phone and possibly some android phone to tell me is this Nokia at least close as fast as Android based phone?
    To be honest, I do not expect it to be as fast as Android based Galaxy S but if it is close to it then I would buy it. I just fell in love with this sweet Nokia :*

    Now, I am not a hater of any sort so, PLEASE, don’t attack me for sharing my experiance with Android based phone.

    Thanx in advance :)

    • louis says:

      great phone with 41 Mp camera. watch out for the pixel density & the screen resolution, it is very important if u r lukin for good quality pictures.

  92. Cipiripi says:

    Tnx Louis, I will pay more attention to that ;)

  93. anonymos says:

    symbian rocks its fast and does not eat alot of battery.

  94. achintya says:

    look friends what ever u say may be right or wrong i dont care
    symbian phones are having old look style and etc but that makes phones look classic the android ones are having childish look which never prefer and the biggest thing all symbian phones are stronger than android ones
    i can say that becoz earlier i was having a galaxy ace i had to change it becoz it fell from the sofa and was fully ruined and currently i m a user of nokia c6 which often falls from my table while studying maths but is having not a single scracth on it so my friends i will tell u 2 go for symbian phones

  95. Rasiq says:

    ANDROID vs Symbion

    In two lines:

    ANDROID —> College student
    Symbian —-> Professional Employee

    ANDROID —> Love marriage
    Symbian —-> Arranged marriage

    ANDROID —> Girl friend (always touch- battery goes like money)
    Symbion —-> Wife (Whatever it may be- always on)

  96. sufal das says:

    for pc it is possible but for phone not possible………………

  97. louis says:

    Android- College going student, full of energy, new ideas and innovations, already in the work.
    Symbian- old professional employee, no new ideas, no energy, monotonous, routined no color in life, about to get retire.

    Android-Love marraige, both side agreed &happy (open source), couple happy, (Android love by people hence already no 1)
    Symbian- Arranged marriage, forced marriage (people forced to buy coz there were no options few yrs back, people were fooled)

    Android-Girldfriend so beautiful and trustful, people are jealous, demands more, why not I use her more.
    Symbian-Frustrated wife, already cheating (Nokia going for WOs leaving symbian)

  98. Shahank says:

    Symbian may be a little late on updates and applications but there’s no way an android user can distinguish himself of being outstanding. Everything android’s been selling it to their customers is available on symbian platform as well. Their’s nothing so cool about android and remember symbian was there in the market running each and every smartphone out there, when android was developing inside it’s egg shell. So it turns out that android is merely a fuss and just another os.

  99. SymbianRocks says:

    Come on…Stop saying that Symbian Belle copied Android. If Nokia had to copy others, wouldn’t they simply make an Android phone? You should respect Nokia for not doing that.
    Android has a nice UI, but Symbian gives you a lot more in a much lesser price. Take the example of Nokia C5-00 which I recently bought. It’s only around Rs. 7650 and it gives you everything, or maybe more than what you’ll get in a Rs. 10000 Android phone. Someone above rightly said that if you ask an Android user what’s better in Android apart from UI and faster speed, they’ll have no answer…That’s because Symbian adds features and Android only keeps on improving the UI.

  100. Ikhlas Khan says:

    The End Part :- symbian phones does not allow users to do modifications with their phones
    but why if you bought the phone its yours, its not nokias phone anymore
    android people say its your phone now so go ahed and do anything you want.

  101. Frombestseller says:

    ya of coerce if we discuss about in OS up gradation so Android is best because you can Upgrade Android firmware Online via mobile or through PC connectivity and no any chance to Dead device,
    but in case of Symbian your mobile restart 2 time during up gradation so 50 percent chances for mobile may be dead because after first restart not get internet connectivity.

  102. rahul.del says:

    Well I don’t know if anybody knows it or not but Nokia has announced that they have partnered with Vodafone India and Airtel and Reliance to offer integrated billing solutions on the Nokia Store in India. This would let users download apps from the Nokia Store and pay for their downloads as part of their monthly mobile phone bills or have the amount deducted from the pre-paid balance.
    This would surely increase the earning potential of the paid apps that developers submit. I Guess then Symbian it is!!!! :)

  103. Sylvester says:

    I Like symbian

  104. akash bisht says:


  105. cengiz says:

    i like symbian too. i dont’t like android

  106. htc says:

    nice i really like this This would surely increase the earning potential of the paid apps that developers submit. I Guess then Symbian it is!!!!

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