Apple expands wings to musicians and travellers

The tech giant has been known to develop innovations and technologies that would be able to target a large audience. This time, Apple expands wings to musicians and travellers with its latest advertisements for the iPad.

Just recently, Apple released two new advertisements for the iPad Air which features the device’s uses that would best suit travellers and musicians. While everybody already knows that the iPad Air could be used by anybody, the company further drives the point by highlighting how useful the device could be for different kinds of people.

The first advertisement was about how deaf travel blogger Cherie King harnesses the use of iPad in her travels to help her navigate through unfamiliar areas and snapping choice photos. The second ad was of renowned composer Esa-Pekka Salonen using the iPad Air in his work. The composer is seen using different apps to help him create his music.

The videos seem to be targeting more than just professional bloggers and composers. It also encourages everyone who always dreamed about doing something different to try out their new endeavors while using the iPad Air to make the journey a lot easier.

Apple has done it again. They have been able to revive the excitement of using their already available technology by tapping on to something that they have not fully explored yet. It is not by a stroke of luck that Apple expands winds to musicians and travellers, but a wonderfully calculated move that will once again entice a broad audience to use the iPad Air for their interests.


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