BlackBerry’s $4.4bn Loss and subsequent five years deal with Foxconn


Though all may not have looked good for Blackberry after the announcement of third quarter loss of $4.4 billion, it seems that things are shaping up for the once smartphone market dominant player as it recently entered a five years deal with the world’s largest electronic parts manufacturer Foxconn. The company, last month, abandoned its […]

Is there fun to be had with 404 pages?


Typing in the wrong URL or visiting a site page will often lead you in the direction of a page with the message ‘Error 404’. These messages can be a little dull and difficult to understand, but a number of brands large and small have customised them to try and show how fun and creative […]

Nintendo to Bring Wii Mini to the U.S. in November


The Japanese gaming giant has replaced the original Wii console with a smaller and portable box of fun. The Wii Mini is touted to be the next hit from Nintendo. The name might imply it’s small with low-end specifications but its performance hasn’t waned one bit. The CD-running game box is lighter than the original […]

Alienware 18: A Massive Gaming Laptop


Laptops have been getting a full-blown upgrade because of the popularity of PC video games. Dell understands this trend so joined the bandwagon of gaming laptops in 2006 when it took in the company Alienware as a subsidiary. The American company has unleashed Alienware 18, a gaming PC that is packed with a plethora of […]

Aston Kutcher Ties Up With Lenovo


The actor who played Steve Jobs in the late visionary’s biopic titled Jobs has teamed up with a tech company but it’s not Apple. Ashton Kutcher is Lenovo’s newest celebrity recruit as announced during the Chinese company’s launch event “Betterway”.  The webcast was streamed live via Google’s YouTube Space in Los Angeles where the latest […]

Apple, Google, Microsoft Unite


US tech companies are uniting for the first time in gadget and software history. This comes as an effort to urge Congress push for some changes in the National Security Agency’s snooping practices. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL and Facebook have all come together and signed a letter addressed to the U.S. Congress. The six […]

3 Elements of Deep Discovery Analysis


Most antivirus software products can detect existing threats. When a malware signature becomes known, the company adds the signature to its database, scans devices for the threat and deals with it as needed. However, with the proliferation of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks, knowing what’s out there isn’t enough. Organizations can’t settle for […]

Trends in mobile gaming


Everywhere you look these days you’ll see people playing games on their smartphones or tablets. Being bored in a queue is a thing of the past – you simply whip out your mobile and start playing and the waiting time disappears. If you’re not playing on your phone, you’re one of a minority these days. […]

Cyclops Gear CGLife 2 Review


The Cyclops Gear CGLife 2 is a video recorder for those who want to capture hands-free. The device is actually a pair of sunglasses with a camera right in the middle of the lenses. These glasses are designed for sports, when wanting to record a session in cycling, running or any outdoor activity.  The device […]

HTC promises Android 4.4 KitKat Within 90 Days


The next Android version will be coming to HTC in 90 days, excitedly confirmed by the company executives. Users of HTC smartphones in South America will be enjoying Android 4.0 KitKat by February. This was confirmed by HTC America President, Jason Mackenzie. He said that this schedule applies to all HTC carriers.  HTC senior manager […]