Making the most of projections in your presentation


Presentations are part and parcel of leadership. Whether it’s chairing individual meetings, or delivering strategic presentations to your management colleagues, there will inevitably come a time when you are asked to present content that may be dry or difficult to digest. Fear not – video projection systems, when used correctly, can help lift your presentation, […]

What to look for in a low cost smartphone


Have you been considering a new smartphone, but find yourself baulking at the price? Well, you’re not alone. As attractive as smartphones are, the high cost has kept many consumers away. But that is starting to change. New technology prices always start high and end low, following consumer demand and increased production. Couple that natural […]

Apple Buys to Shut Spotsetter


Of late, Apple seems to be on a shopping spree for tech companies. Just recently, it has acquired Beats Music. This time, it is looking to buy social search engine Spotsetter which has announced that it is shutting down. Spotsetter allows users to search for places to hang out through recommendations from friends in other […]

Apple expands wings to musicians and travellers


The tech giant has been known to develop innovations and technologies that would be able to target a large audience. This time, Apple expands wings to musicians and travellers with its latest advertisements for the iPad. Just recently, Apple released two new advertisements for the iPad Air which features the device’s uses that would best […]