BT Broadband Removes Usage Limits

BT Broadband moves to remove the usage limits on their broadband packages in the wake of advertising watchdogs looking into the term “unlimited” in many broadband advertisements. Providers of broadband services do offer “fair use” caps in all their packages but failed to express the limits to it. Just like what happened in the case of BT’s Infinity Option 2, Total Broadband Option 3 and Office Unlimited packages where the fairly use cap is set to 300GB. BT Broadband is now removing the usage limit to give their clients unlimited download features.


Although the 300GB cap will be lifted to allow more downloads, BT Broadband will still apply traffic management on these packages especially when the network becomes busy. This move will stem the flow of bandwidth on certain protocols and applications just like peer-to-peer protocols as an example. A spokesperson for BT Broadband has clarified that all of their packages including the cheaper and limited ones will be subjected to traffic management.

Rejecting the thought that BT Broadband removed usage limits because of the investigation going on regarding broadband companies marketing their limited packages as “unlimited”, BT Broadband’s spokesperson said that the company is now in a much better position to manage their network. This move has also given the edge they need against their competitors. With the company investing more on network they are now better able to serve their clients on a broader scale. What’s more, they will be able to lift the restrictions on their broadband cap for better experience.

When asked why BT Broadband was marketing limited packages as an unlimited offer, the company’s spokesperson said that only a small percentage, specifically 0.5% of their clients, are actually reaching the 300GB cap. According to BT Broadband, they won’t be targeting the 0.5% once they manage to complete the removal of their broadband cap. However, there will still be an extra charge placed on clients using their BT Infinity Option One and BT Total Broadband Options 1 as well as 2 if they go beyond the data limits allotted to them.

Most advertising watchdogs are clearly irked with the way broadband companies are offering unlimited packages when there is a limit to bandwidth usage. What they want is for broadband companies to refrain from marketing maximum speeds in a theoretical manner. Instead, what they want is for broadband companies to provide their customers with speeds that are realistic in life.

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