Is there fun to be had with 404 pages?


Typing in the wrong URL or visiting a site page will often lead you in the direction of a page with the message ‘Error 404’. These messages can be a little dull and difficult to understand, but a number of brands large and small have customised them to try and show how fun and creative […]

Huawei Vitria Speeds Up LTE


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei had pumped up its flagship model with a faster LTE component. The Huawei Vitria is an affordable device with acceptable features. Mid-range phones are still preferred by light users such as the older generation. But Huawei has considered the need for a quicker streaming function, with more and more people relying […]

Sony Vita TV: Game Console and Streamer in One


Sony has unveiled a new generation Vita console at the recent Tokyo Game Show. The Vita TV is an internet streamer as well as a game console, making it notch more interesting than current streamers in the market. Vita TV can fit in a pocket, measuring only 6.5 x 10.5cm and it is 15% lighter […]

Yahoo-US Gets a New Design as Yahoo-China Closes


Yahoo had just formally closed its internet portal in China. Yahoo has been declining in popularity ever since other search engines had set up virtual presence.  Yahoo’s services in China started withdrawing last year in December when the site’s music service was shut down. In May of this year, it was announced that the email […]

Setting Up a Chromecast


What’s not to love about Chromecast? This 2.8 inch device is capable of “casting” videos and music from the Internet all the way to your TV using different devices such as your tablet, phone or computer as its remote control. It’s not hard to set up Chromecast on your own as this $35 device is […]

The All New Opera 15 Launched


Telenor has launched Opera 15, the newest browser to impress the online community. It still carries its ad blocking feature which was something users liked in the previous Opera versions. It’s not clear whether it will support the WebRTC implement from Google but an IRC chat client is already built in, along with Opera Mail.  […]

New Discovery in Fiber Optic Technology Could Boost Internet Bandwidth


The internet technology has reached another breakthrough. Fiber optics is getting some tweaking which will enable transmitting speeds to go beyond 100 terabits per second. This huge amount of data is more than the equivalent of 8 Blu-Ray DVDs per second.  This dramatic increase of data will have significant effects on computing and global communications, […]

Egnyte aims mobile data management at BYOD businesses

Image 1

BYOD, or bring-your-own-device, has become a massive trend in business in recent years, thanks to the rise of affordable smart phones allowing a greater number of functions than ever. Small businesses in particular are enjoying the benefits of this as the company isn’t left to foot the bill of a company phone. In light of […]

Windows Blue is Now Officially Windows 8.1


The code name “Blue” which was used by Windows to refer to the update for Windows 8 is now officially called Windows 8.1 which has always been part of the company’s naming strategy for any updates to their software. The name Windows 8.1 was disclosed by Tami Reller, Microsoft Windows’ chief marketing officer and chief […]

Samsung to Produce 5G Wireless Trail by 2020


If 4G appears to be too sluggish for your tastes then you are sure to be pleased with Samsung’s announcement that they had discovered new technology to bring to its customers the fifth-generation network for mobile usage. The company has figured out a way to harness the power of high frequency millimetre-wave Ka bands that […]