Four Personal Finance Apps Perfect For Thrifty Tech Junkies

Saving money isn’t always as easy as your parents had you believe when you were growing up. That piggy bank might have sounded like a great idea when you were ten but you didn’t have overdue bills and Netflix subscriptions back then.


Fortunately, if you want to save money, technology has your back. Thanks to advances in social media we now have sites like groupon, that help you save money through deals that benefit both you and participating brands. Thanks to the spread of the Internet you can get debt advice terms online from qualified strangers. And thanks to smartphones you now have a ton of apps that can help you plan your budget in a smart way and save a ton of money. Hera are four of the best money saving apps out there.

4. Google Wallet

Google wallet might not be a money saving app per se but it saves you a lot of time and time is money, right? While you can pay online with a myriad of other companies only your Android Phone with NFC will work at a lot of locations around the country where you can just touch your phone to pay. The list of places that accept Google wallet is ever-increasing and as the company charges nothing for the service. Best of all it protects you from identity theft (as it centralizes your credit card data in a single secure place for easy use) so take that, smartphone naysayers!

3. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is an awesome app that centralizes your receipts and billings so that running a small business is extremely simple. You won’t need to pay the accountant more than a few times a year if you use this app to centralize your receipts and make sure everything is in order.

2. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is a great app that allows you to snap a picture of products and barcodes and search the surrounding area for a better deal. There are few apps that can save you more money so take full advantage of this awesome feature to feed your family for less. And best of all, ShopSavvy also searches for the same offers online, yielding often significantly reduced prices.

1. is hands down the best finances management app on the market right now. It manages everything from personal checking account to specialty savings, like savings for vacations or college funds. It also allows you to manage your debts, setting targets that keep credit card payments small or help eliminate the debt entirely over time. isn’t free but it will save you significantly more money than it will cost you.

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