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chattappsThe advent of the smartphone advances has given people more ways to communicate. The internet has been introducing new functionalities and surely the only direction it will go is bigger and better.  The voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has transformed the face of communication around the world.  Business meetings, video chats, and even education are now possible between long distances. It also eliminates expensive mobile services as smartphones also utilize free call and chat programs. Here are some popular call and chat apps.

Line started as an instant messaging and VoIP app for smartphones developed in 2011 by the popular Asian search engine Naver.  It extended to desktop use and it now supports Blackberry and Windows operating systems.  It gained a massive following as it reached more than 74 million users worldwide.  Virtual stickers depicting Japanese internet memes are trademarks of Line.  One can send stickers or non-conventional emoticons as a message to Line friends.  Line also incorporated a camera feature and images can be decorated with the app’s stickers or frames.  Video and voice messages can be sent to groups or just favorite friends. The popular multi-platform app also functions as a social hub.  Users can post their daily status on a customizable interface.  Line also features amusing and wholesome games which are free for download through the program.

WhatsApp is a smartphone freeware with instant messaging functions. Users can also send each other photos, short video clips and audio messages.  It’s available for Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Android.

Kakao Talk is a free mobile app with text and call features that supports all smartphone platforms.  It was developed by Korean programmers initially as a messaging app but later expanded to VoIP.  The program drew 57 million users by August 2012, generating 3.4 billion text and multi-media messages each day.  It was chosen by trusted reviewer Cnet as the number one messaging app and the creators were named by Google as Top Developer.

There are hundreds of apps with basic video chat and messaging functions including the beloved Skype which runs perfectly on Android phones.  Viber is another program with the same functions as other call and chat apps, with the advantage of minimal voice delays and quality connection.  This makes one wonder what kind of future mobile service companies face with cheap and much more advanced communication tools out in the freeware world.

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