Is there fun to be had with 404 pages?

Typing in the wrong URL or visiting a site page will often lead you in the direction of a page with the message ‘Error 404’. These messages can be a little dull and difficult to understand, but a number of brands large and small have customised them to try and show how fun and creative they can be, jazzing them up in a variety of ways.

Some sites don’t have Error 404 pages, but creating one can be helpful for any visitor who doesn’t know why what they’re clicking on doesn’t have the content that they’re looking for. To show you how they can be done, here are some cool examples of how fun an Error 404 page can be:


In this first example, Virgin Holidays Cruises have put together a sleekly designed, animated 404 page in which you have to navigate your way off a desert island.


Although the basic message hasn’t changed, the drawing from Propeller is enough to show they’ve made an effort.


Tech site B3ta’s 404 page is one of the funniest around and helpfully has links to the three most popular pages on its site too.


This one from Huml is pretty cool too despite them misspelling ‘colossal’!


In Russian Cyrillic, this message from TurboMilk might be indecipherable to many, but it’s fun nonetheless.

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