Gmail many features are added and removed

Recently Gmail has undergone a small surgery. Many new features like auto complete, youtube previews are added but many features like Muzzle, Random signatures are removed.

gmail logo Features Removed or Retired-

  1. Muzzle
  2. Fixed Width Font
  3. Email Addict
  4. Location in Signature
  5. Random Signature

Added Features with complete description-

1) Search Auto complete- I like the Auto Complete feature very much. Now you don’t need to write the whole query. Just type the few letters and it will show you the suggestion, it is just like Google search. Many times I forget the email domain part like feedback@??.com and its become difficult to search. So now it will automatically show me the domain part also :).

2) Go To Label- Label feature is also included into search form. Just start typing the label into the search form and it will take you there.

3) Forgotten Attachment Detector- This is a very good feature. Specially added for those people who forget to attach files. So how it works? Many times we write like “I have attached the files or Please find the attached files” without attaching the files. Well Gmail will simply search your composing mail content and notify you to attach the files before you send the mail.


4) YouTube Preview- YouTube preview is also included. Many times we share youtube videos link using email. Now the Gmail will automatically show the Video preview right inside your inbox like the way it appears on YouTube site.

5) Custom Label Colors- Now the color palette is also added which allow you color your labels. So now your mailbox is more colorful than before :).


6) Vacation Dates- Now you can easily set the dates on which you want to activate the vacation email service. So now it will be activated automatically. You don’t have to do manually.

Learn more about these features on Gmail Official Blog.

Well, these features will make Gmail more powerful. I haven’t written about removed features because now they don’t exits. You can read about them on Gmail blog.


  1. Suhasini says:

    You are right buddy, there are lot of features added and removed on Gmail recently.

  2. Gojeg says:

    Lovely Gmail..Lovely Gooooogle… :D

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