Google Now Coming to Chrome Browser

Google NowGoogle’s competitor to Apple’s Siri, Google Now, is on its way to a PC near you, taking the popular Android Jelly Bean inclusion to millions of new users around the world.

The news came to light via a developers log that was posted to the web by the team behind Google’s Chrome browser, detailing the building of a Chrome app that will bring Google Now directly to the browser. The log outlines that the team has already built a “skeleton” for Chrome in order to accommodate the new service, though no other time frame details are offered.

This move would put Google far ahead of Apple as far as next-generation personal digital assistants are concerned, making Google Now available across any devices that run the company’s Chrome browser, including Windows PCs and Apple’s own line of Mac computers and iOS mobile devices, among others. Siri, on the other hand, is currently available on only some of Apple’s iOS-based iPhone and iPad devices.

What is Google Now?

If you’re not a user of an Android device that is sporting the the Jelly Bean version of the mobile OS, you’ve not likely had the opportunity to get your hands on Google Now. The product is aimed at making searching, and a multitude of other tasks, easier by allowing them to be not only completed via voice, but responded to using that medium as well.

Whether you’re looking for a weather forecast, the latest news or sports scores, or simply need to conduct a simple web search, Google Now allows everything to be done without the need for hands, making it an obvious piece of a thorough mobile OS; how useful it will prove to be on desktop machines remains to be seen, though it stands to reason that Google will tweak the service in order to make it as usable as possible.

Some media outlets have taken the time to request a comment from Google, from the only response has been to confirm that, while the company is always looking to remain innovative with its products and services, they can neither confirm nor deny that Google Now is on its way to Chrome, imminently or otherwise.

If you’re not an Android user and find yourself only becoming acquainted with Google Now as of late, this short but informative intro video will help you to get started:

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