How to Make Free International Call from Mobile or PC

A Free Call and also International! After reading this some may fall in love with this crazy post as it describes all steps to make a free call from your own mobile or from your personal computer (PC) system.

We can make absolutely free call using Fring. Fring is service which provides free international calls from your favorite gadgets. As normal call rates rising per day especially in India, we need one source that can serve a low rate calls and here I found a free service for calling for all dear readers.

How to Make a Free Call

 (1)   Download and Install Fring on your mobile device.

(2)   Run Fring application after installation.

(3)   Register your account for free.

(4)   Login to registered account.

(5)   Just Select Your Buddy to have a chat with or to make a call from options> call>fring call.

How to Add Contacts

 (1)   Go to options.

(2)   Select manage buddies.

(3)   Select add buddy, it will shows contacts. (if it doesn’t show anything then just click back button.)

(4)   Enter your friends Fring ID to add it in your buddies list.

(5)   Click on Add.

Extra Features

 (1)   We can also make a free video call but high connectivity speed like 3g is recommended to use Video call service on both incoming and outgoing device.

(2)   We can also have a free unlimited chat between our buddies.

(3)   All call rates are cost free but data transfer charges are applicable, if you have an unlimited connection from your operator then using fring services costs you totally free.

(4)   Fring application is available for Apple devices, Nokia Devices and also available for Android Devices.

(5)   3G connection is recommended for using Fring, but GPRS connection can also allow you to make chat or voice fring call with your buddy.

(6) A Free Group Chat is also available between your Group Buddies.

So, we must say Fring is the best skype alternative in all way as we can hear a clear and free voice from our international friends..! Keep in touch with Fring Blog to have all the latest updates on it.

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