Microsoft Releases Surface Pro on February 9

MicrosoftSurfacePro Another anticipated gadget release this year is Microsoft’s Surface Pro which will happen at the stroke of midnight of February 8. While techie geeks expected the release earlier, Microsoft had stretched the 90-day wait to another week. On Friday, February 8, just before midnight, the Redmond-based company will hold a private evening reception for select guest in New York just before the night turns February 9. The first shop to sell the Surface Windows 8 Pro will be Best Buy in Union Square and the first people eligible to buy the units are the fortunate guests at the launch.

The launch for the touch-PC is just days away but pre-order figures have not yet been announced. Surface Pro versions are retailed at $899 and $999 and with it you get a two-pound 64-bit tablet PC, at 64GB or 128GB. It does not include the keyboard cover at $120. The Surface Pro comes with a complete Windows 8, the OS designed for the new wave of touch screen PCs. It will run on a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge Processor with a 10.6inch screen and a stylus pen.

There are a few downsides to the fully loaded Surface Pro. Microsoft admitted that Windows 8 OS will use up a fairly large amount of storage space—around 45 gigabytes. It implies that the 128GB version will have 83GB of working space left, which is relatively healthy. But the 64GB only have 23GB and that is definitely not enough for today’s BYOT market. Microsoft is quick to reply though, that online backup services can answer the lack of storage.

Meanwhile, tech reviews have not been nice to the extremely thin keyboard that doubles as a tablet cover. The poor response and excessive inaccuracy in typing has not lived up to Microsoft’s promise of revolutionizing touch-typing. When it comes to battery life, Microsoft revealed that the power can only go roughly 4 hours per full charge.

Everyone’s surprised about the Best Buy outlet as the recently launched Surface RT exclusively sold at electronic retail giants. Steve Schueler, the corporate vice president for Microsoft’s retail sales and Marketing, said that the company intends to expand retail presence for the Surface units. He added that they’ve received good response from many retailers that will carry both the RT and the Pro in their stores. Microsoft is addressing current sales issues with an increased production and retail expansion.

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