Most Anticipated PC Games in 2013

There is going to be a hardware avalanche this year, what with the transcending motion-detect consoles out in the market, gamers have not been this excited in a while. Wii U has just been released and now Nvidia has also announced an Android-based hand-held game called Shield. Meanwhile, game creator giants Microsoft and Sony are yet to reveal their new toys in May this year so it’s up to the PC games to entertain the video hobbyists until then. Computer gaming will also get enormous interface upgrades to keep up with a new wave of touch PCs. For the meantime, there’s still plenty to choose from using your current operating system.

PC game

Elder Scrolls Online takes you on a quest across all of Tamriel provinces, set during the golden age of The Elders V: Skyrim which was 1,000 years before. It is like a prequel to the present game era with a massive multiplayer take of the fantasy game. If you’ve been playing this game before, you’ll notice that it is now more tastefully done with exaggerated graphics than its predecessor. Three kingdoms fight over the Imperial City of Cyrodiil and that’s one of the challenges posed as the gamers e go through the three warring neighbors. It can be played solo, with friends or in large guilds and alliances.

If you are a trigger happy gamer, BioShock Infinite is the third instalment in the BioShock series. Also known as Project Icarus in the past, it is set in the year 1912 with a storyline of saving the captured Elizabeth. She gets saved by the hero, Booker DeWitt but then, as the Hollywood cliché goes, the two gets pursued by the enemy. Elizabeth is computer-controlled but the player can use weapons and gears and his psychokinetic powers. According to the game developer, the latest BioShock has indoor and outdoor settings that were not realized in the original release. They’ve implemented new gameplay options such as deciding between a long-ranged attack and a melee combat.

Sim City allows anyone to control a virtual world in palm of their hands and be their own Donald Trump—without the stiff combed-over hair. The open-ended city building game was first released in 1989. And now, it can be played in a massive multi-scale experience. Cities can work together when players share resources which can be gifted to each other. Great achievements like providing jobs and economic developments will create advanced societies as the game continues. The depth and scale of the new Sim City promises Sim fans endless city expansion as they dive into multi-play. Developers promise to release it in March.

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