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Following Motorola’s Moto X is the Motorola DVX which could be the American company’s answer to a more affordable version of the flagship phone. Motorolla has not actually answered rumors about the circulating photos around the web. The image shows a front and back side of an all-black smartphone with the Motorolla logo to indicate the maker. The photos seem legit as it came from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) files. The DVX is almost identical to the Moto X but it will have a lot of internal hardware differences.

Motorolla did confirm months ago that a cheaper version of the Moto X is on the works. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said that it will be the low cost version of the Moto X and that the DVX will be headed for the US prepaid carriers at the last quarter of 2013. In the FCC files, it shows that the DVX will be supported by Spring, Virgin and Boost carriers.  The papers also indicated three model numbers for the DVX: XT1032, XT1033 and XT1035.  Reddit’s further delving into these numbers showed that the models will range between 8 gigabytes and 16 GB.  Analysts say that the poor man’s Moto X could cost $200 off contract.

According to speculations, the Motorola DVX will come with spare back plates of different colors. It seems Motorolla is following Apple’s candy-colored trend, and tech consumers won’t be surprised if the Illinois-based phone maker also releases a gold version of Moto X.  Images of the back plates have also surfaced on the next and so far, apple green and purple are the leaked colors. This is a good move for Motorolla, to appeal to the younger generation and reach a wider market. Interchangeable back plates have never been carried on by any manufacturers in the past and Motorolla will be pioneering the customization feature. But it’s still unclear if the back plates will come with the box, or how many back plates there will be.

It is also been rumoured that the Moto DVX will be launching with Republic Wireless in October. Republic Wireless has already been confirmed to be carrying the customizable and prepaid Moto X.  The carrier will be offering customers of VoIP and a Sprint network coverage for the Moto X for an off contract price of $299. Another tipster leaked a photo of what seems to be a Republic Wireless briefing for the Motorola DVX launch. In the photo, a screen revealed that RW will be announcing the price and availability of the Motorola DVX.

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