Nexus 7 Explodes, Resulting in Google Glass?

Reports are surfacing around the web that one unhappy Nexus 7 owner has managed to snag a free Google Glass device, raising the question of just how close to market Google Glass really is.

The Nexus 7, Google’s foray into the seven inch tablet market, has been a very hot item since its launch earlier this year, but one user found his unit to be just a bit hotter than most when he plugged it in to charge; the tablet proceeded to “explode,” melting the backing and frying its innards. The owner of the defective tablet snapped the photograph above and posted it onto popular Chinese search engine and social community Baidu, laying down his claim of self-ignition.

The user apparently contacted Google for support before being pointed in the direction of Acer, the maker of the hardware behind the Nexus 7. Acer apparently would not help, sending the frustrated techie back to Google; upon hearing of his plight the second time around, a free Google Glass device was offered in return for the trouble – deliverable in 2014.

Should I Blow Up My Nexus 7 for Free Google Glass?

No, that likely wouldn’t be a good idea. For one thing, it’s impossible to confirm this user’s story, and it seems highly unlikely that Google would be so quick to promise a still-secretive item that remains at least a year and a half away from the public market. Also, considering the often faulty electrical systems to be found in China and the lack of reports of similar experiences from Nexus 7 owners, it seems more likely that a surge or other problem within the grid itself caused the meltdown while charging, as opposed to the Nexus 7 hardware itself, and Google would likely be quick to point this fact out.

As it stands now, you’re almost certainly better of waiting along with the rest of us to get your hands on Google Glass, but, if you should decide to test the waters and destroy your Nexus 7 in the hopes that someone at Google will take some serious pity on you, do let us know how it turns out!

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