Path, a Social Networking on the Rise


Path recently leveled up the search function in social networks in more ways than you can imagine coming from Facebook’s Timeline or from Twitter and Instagram. Just this December, this messaging and media-sharing service launched innovative search features which further bolstered its claim as “the smart journal” for mobile communication devices. With this new addition to Path apps for tablets and smartphones, you can retrieve in many clever ways the pictures, music, and other media that you shared among your circle of friends.

You can find this innovative search function at the top of the app, and this allows you to access your shared media not only by place and date but also by season and kind of moment. Path enables its users to send responses to one another using a selection of expressive emoticons: laughing, smiling, love, surprise, frowning.

Path again put forward its famed reputation in user-interface design in this new search feature. You can simply type the name of a certain month or “one year ago,” and you’d be able to access not only your updates but also your friends’ as well. Typing in a date and the name of a friend likewise opens what that person in your list shared for that particular day.

More coming up this year

To add more fun in exploring the goings-on in your neighborhood, you can also use the “Nearby” feature of the app. The search bar has a location arrow which will allow you to access what you and your friends have shared in the immediate vicinity. This feature is particularly useful on a trip overseas to find out the activities your friends may have had in that place.

The co-founder of Path, Dave Morin, who earlier helped develop Facebook’s Connect, said the new user interface’s design allows users to employ the service’s sophisticated technology in a manner that they can easily understand. Users are prone to spend more time with the Path app as they know that retrieval of shared media comes easier.

It is unlikely though for this new Path search engine to be found in other social networking services. Morin maintained that what they are focused on is having a premium company built upon business models different from its peers. Path, for instance, has favored sales of photo filters instead of advertising. New premium Path features will be brought this 2013, Morin promised.

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