How to customize Feedburner subscription email

Google Feedburner is one of the most famous and convenient way to get your blog or website content delivered by a simple email messages around the world.

Whenever a new visitor subscribe to your blog RSS feed newsletter, He gets an email from Feedburner to activate the subscription service.

Feedburner allows you to completely personalize your welcome email body content. You can add your company logo, From address, message body.

To personalize the content delivery mail service follow these simple steps-

1) Login to your Feedburner Google account.

2) Click on the Blog RSS feed and select Publicize option tab at the top.

3) Now on the left sidebar you will get many options like Headline Animator, Ping Shot, Feed count and more.

4) Click on Email Subscription option then select Communication Preferences and edit the message content.

branding options

5) To add you company logo select Email Branding option and your logo image URL direct link. You can use free image host to save your logo.

font options

6) You can change Subject, Font size style, Body color size and Post link colors.

I am sure this way you will get more feed members and it will also add professional style look to blogging website. Remember write great article posts and get more users fast.


  1. That’s really a nice tutorial and just remind me – how much lazy I am. I yet not customize it. Will try to do it in this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Abhi says:

    You are not alone. There are many. :)

  3. Nice tutorial :) time for a change .

  4. Shekhar sahu says:

    I redirect all my feeds to feedburner feeds.

  5. Ramesh says:

    Nice tutorial :P time for a change .

  6. Ankit says:

    Quite useful for new Feedburner users like me! :-P

  7. I am not using Feedburner, opted FeedBlitz instead. But nice tutorial for Feedburner users.

  8. TechGyo says:

    I also found that we can add logo in feedbuner. And one more thing. there is a YARP plugin available for showing related posts below feedburner emails. it is s great way to reduce bounce rate

  9. And how do you increase the default 10 posts per email to more if you post up to 25 posts a day?
    That’s where I am stuck, there’s NOTHING in the admin side to effect this :(
    Help need please..

  10. SoFlaNights says:

    How to change how many posts get listed in FeedBurner Email Subscription. Right now is limited to 10 only, and I have around 30 posts daily. Thank.

    • Vasim says:

      It can be easily changed by some wordpress plugins….

    • LeCongo Hebdo says:

      You can do it in wordpress…

      Go to your admin page. Under SETTINGS > READING

      in > Syndication feeds show the most recent…
      Change it from the default 1 or 10 to your daily average of 30 or more…

      Simple :)

      But it took me months to figure that out lol

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