Review: SteelSeries Stratus – The new way to play games on iPad

Good news for iPad users for those who want to play games on their iPad, SteelSeries Stratus is a great solution. Most iPad users may wonder how they can play games using a controller like iPhone users. Introducing SteelSeries Stratus, the first Bluetooth controller which lets you play games on your iPad, this device costs as much as $100. Actually, there is nothing new to expect from SteelSeries Stratus except that it works for iPad. This controller is similar with other models such as SteelSeries Free which is released for Android.

Compared to its latest models, one main difference is that SteelSeries Stratus can also be used not only for iPad but also iPhone. Although the controller can be used for iPhone or iPod, SteelSeries Stratus is specifically designed for iPad users. While it works great for iPad users who want to play games on their iPad, this is still an expensive item to purchase if we only want to play games using a controller on our iPad.

The design is really cute, it feels so comfortable when you hold it in your hand, it is made of plastics and quite small when compared with other iPhone controllers. It lasts up to 10 hours, thanks to its full micro USB plug and charge. In terms of price, this is quite expensive especially when compared to other controllers, the iOS specific version which is for running games on iPhone have battery packs that add more power thus can play longer while the android version costs $40 less than the iOS version.

Well, aside from its price, this is still a great addition for those who have been dreaming to play games on their iPad using a controller. Would you purchase SteelSeries Stratus for your iPad?


  1. Satoshi says:

    Thanks for the info, I am thinking of buying one!

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