Snapchat: The Next Instagram?


Snapchat, a photo messaging app, promises to better than other image-sharing programs. The app can take photos and record videos, and then these can be posted for a limited time that the users set. It was started by two college students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy from Stanford University, as a school project. The idea of impermanent photos received a good response from colleagues. The creators also took one or two features from popular social hubs to perk up the program. Then, Snapchat was launched in September, 2011.

It wasn’t long before Snapchat took off as a photo-sharing app. It was receiving 25 images per second in May, 2012. By November, 20 million photos were being shared per day, making a breakthrough of one billion photos shared since its release, and it wasn’t even an Android app yet. Android users clamoured for Snapchat to be applicable on their smartphones which prompted the team to tweak the program. It was ready for Android in November.

The self-destruct capability of Snapchat posts is a fresh twist to the conventional photo-sharing apps. But it has not saved itself from criticisms and bad reviews. It’s a good messaging method for clandestine activities, like say Ethan Hunt’s missions impossible. But parents see it as a perfect tool for sexting among the young people. Spiegel answered to issues by stating that the app is not made for total privacy although the program will delete files as soon as the time limit expires.

Soon Snapchat was being eyed by web companies. It will be remembered that Facebook bought Instagram for an amount of one billion dollars. Facebook approached the Snapchat team for an offer of an undisclosed amount. Although without profit by October 2012, Spiegel said that he and his team will not be selling it to anyone. Frustrated and ignored, Mark Z. created a clone of Snapchat, taking its signature self-destruct feature. It is not getting any good reviews, unfortunately for the company that’s threatened by the success of rising new apps.

With all these fuss about Snapchat in this app-crazed generation, many users think that it’s all absurd. Everyone knows how to take screenshots from any device which makes timed posts virtually useless. As for sexting, it occurs whether or not there’s a Snapchat to delete files or not. One thing’s for sure, Snapchat was able to deliver a unique element in their photo-app. It is currently in the top 10 most popular download in the App Store and at no. 33 at Google Play.

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