OLX.in Makes Advertising Instant Through Mobile


Popular buy & sell website OLX India has become even more accessible as it launched on smart phone platforms.  Advertising and product searching has been made simpler by the use of an app dedicated for OLX transactions. OLX classified app can be downloaded for free and is available in iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry’s operating […]

Best Apps For Any Business Owner

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Efficiency when managing a business is everything. Thanks to technology nowadays, managing a business has never been easier or more efficient – with power literally in the palm of your hands. Smartphone apps are a must-have for every business owner to keep information and tasks organized.  Below are nine great apps to manage a business: […]

Windows Blue is Now Officially Windows 8.1


The code name “Blue” which was used by Windows to refer to the update for Windows 8 is now officially called Windows 8.1 which has always been part of the company’s naming strategy for any updates to their software. The name Windows 8.1 was disclosed by Tami Reller, Microsoft Windows’ chief marketing officer and chief […]

Four Personal Finance Apps Perfect For Thrifty Tech Junkies


Saving money isn’t always as easy as your parents had you believe when you were growing up. That piggy bank might have sounded like a great idea when you were ten but you didn’t have overdue bills and Netflix subscriptions back then. Fortunately, if you want to save money, technology has your back. Thanks to […]

#Instaquitters Rage on Instagram’s Terms of Service


Scrolling down to see new photos posted by friends, one pic is a picture of his hand holding a note that said: “I am not posting my pics on Tadaa, Eyeem and Streamzoo. Join me.” Such messages have been appearing lately after Instagram released their new terms of service. According to Instagram’s policy, it has […]

Anonymous Profiles Used for Tracking Gadget Adverts


You must have noticed how the same adverts manage to turn up in the different websites you’re browsing. Well now, companies have taken it one step further by developing a tracking system between the different gadgets you use. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently on your iPhone, iPad or laptop – the advertisements popping up will correspond […]

What to Look for in PC Tune-up Software: 5 Qualities


• Bang for Your Buck If you’re on the market for a tune-up program, your main goal is to boost the overall performance of your machine, without unnecessarily spending money on hardware improvements. As such, the top quality of a tune-up software is to sensibly improve the way your machine reacts to demands. As with […]

Google Now Coming to Chrome Browser

Google Now

Google’s competitor to Apple’s Siri, Google Now, is on its way to a PC near you, taking the popular Android Jelly Bean inclusion to millions of new users around the world. The news came to light via a developers log that was posted to the web by the team behind Google’s Chrome browser, detailing the […]

Windows Blue: Windows 9 or 8.1?

Windows Blue

Little more than a month since the release of Windows 8, reports suggest that Microsoft is already at work on the next iteration of the world’s favorite operating system, and it could be arriving much sooner than you would think. Code-named Windows Blue, the next version of Windows seems to be the one that Microsoft […]