Quitomzilla: Quit Smoking with Firefox

Quit Smoking!

Quitting smoking is no easy task and, coming from someone who has struggled with cigarettes for many years, I can say with surety that every smoker looking to give up the habit needs as much help as they can get. Given that the majority of us have access to and often use our computers – […]

What is a Portable Web Browser?


Its duplicate of normal web browser but some features are different in portable web browsers. Portable browsers are currently used in Windows, Mac etc operating systems. Portable browsers can be saved in your flash drive, USB or in cd So that whenever you want browse internet just plug-in device (cd /flash drive/ USB) and surf […]

Google Chrome vs Firefox in UK


Google chrome was surprisingly mostly used in July 2011 according to statecounter stats. It replaces 2nd place of firefox from the list of top used web browsers in UK. Google Chrome vs Firefox war was taking place for long time and results is on fever of Chrome for month of July 2011. Internet explorer from […]

New Firefox Features


Everyone’s always talking about the amazing Google features that update the way we use search engines but Firefox just came out with a new version, Firefox 3.6, that’s included some really impressive new features. If you’ve yet to upgrade to the newest version, here’s a few of the cool new additions that have been added. […]

Easy Firefox Crash Fix

Firefox is worlds best web browser according to me but there was a crash problem in it few days ago. I had installed few addons on it which supported well in initial few days but after updating firefox that add-ons not worked well and forced firefox to crash. So my advice to all is just […]

What is Private Browsing in Firefox?

As name suggest its related with privacy but question is how Firefox make private browsing. Private Browsing was introduced in Firefox 3.5, giving users the option of browsing the web without keeping track of their history. To browse internet safely you have to activate private browsing in Firefox from setting. Whenever private browsing is on […]

Block Any Website in Firefox


If you want to block any website that contain illegal things or adult content then you can do it via add-on named “BlockSite”. BlockSite can blacklist any website that you filled in url list. It also comes with password protection as other people cant make change in block websites list. Instructions & Installation steps Open […]

Browse Internet Without Your Mouse


With the the help of one Firefox add-on we can surf internet easily without use of mouse. Add-on named “Vimperator” can convert browsing experience of Firefox. We just have to remember few shortcuts of keyboard which is listed below as browsing will be done by only keyboard. Here is the list of few useful shortcuts […]

Firefox to Remove Beta Version Soon

This is good news for all Mozilla web browser lovers that it will update to no-beta version soon. Now we will have Firefox 4.0 in next February month. Mozilla Firefox is one the most trusted browser in world today. Many people around the world is surfing internet with this browser. In earlier beta version of […]

Firefox vs Internet Explorer in Europe

For the first time in a decade, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is no longer the leading Web browser in Europe, ceding the position to Mozilla’s Firefox, an Irish research company that tracks Web use said on Tuesday. While three research companies also active in the field disputed the finding, StatCounter, a company in Dublin, said Firefox […]