5 useful Gmail tips that you probably don’t know


Here are five Gmail features that could prove useful for you. Some are hidden away on the Gmail Labs page — this is where you’ll find products that Gmail is currently working on. Undo Send Let’s start with the undo send feature. You first have to enable this option in Gmail Labs. To get there, […]

Sync Server Trouble Takes Down Gmail, Chrome


Problems with Google servers lead to a serious, if short, meltdown of some of the company’s products and services yesterday, including a 40 minute window of downtime for Gmail, and the simultaneous crashing of thousands of copies of the Google Chrome browser. After initial reports pointed the finger at a denial of service attack, Google […]

What Is Gmail Security Checklist ?


This is to check weather your internet connection is secure to use Gmail or not. Just check step by step for security checklist below : (1) Check for viruses and malware (2) Make sure your operating system is up to date (3) Make sure to perform regular software updates (4) Make sure your browser is up to […]

A message Gmail has classified as unimportant has no marker


This is new service from Google gmail that you can separate your important mail from others by just one click. Priority Inbox displays different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages. A yellow arrow means that a message is important and unread. A gray marker means that the message is important and read or […]

New way to communicate by Gmail Motion beta


Gmail motion related to control of gmail with the help of human body. Gmail Motion uses your computer’s built-in webcam and Google’s patented tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands for gmails. Movements are designed so simple as everyone can do that. knowledge yourself with some of the […]

Make a call via gmail from Google

Google introduced and implemented its new service named “call phones”  for gmail. From this service we can call free to US and Canada and at lowest rate to any other place in the world. To use this service we have to agree T&C of Google and need to install voice plugin, thats it. Add credit […]

Google Image Ads Now In Gmail


Google’s ad network is worlds largest and still growing across the world. We have seen Google’s text link ads on gmail but now onwards we can see Google’s image ads on gmail too. Not every Gmail user will see ads with images says Google. For instance, if Gmail users are corresponding with friends about planning […]

Googlemail will become Gmail in UK

Its a good news for all UK Google users. Now they can enjoy the benefits of both Gmail and Googlemail…[-]

Translate Gmail into any language


Do you know you can translate your Gmail email into any language of your choice. Yes you read it right…[-]

Gmail included account hijack alert for security


To add more security to your email accounts, Google Gmail recently included Account suspicious activity warning ..[-]