Google Glass Breakthrough


The techie community is buzzing about the Google Glass hype, with high promises of hands-free digitized reality through wearable computing.  Once called Project Glass, Google has embedded computer abilities in a glassed chip, digitally connecting users to the internet world anytime, anywhere, no matter what they’re doing.  The Glass is worn like reading glasses, except […]

The All New Affordable Chromebook


The Chromebook is a personal computer run by the Google Chrome operating system. They are known for their reasonable prices and speedy start up since the applications virtually run within the web rather than the conventional OS that operates in the PC itself. The third generation Chromebooks released in October last year are the latest […]

The Future Is Mobile


In an address earlier this day Google CEO Larry Page addressed a topic of growing importance for the search engine giant: mobile advertising and multi-screen ad representation. Indeed mobile advertising has grown tremendously since 2011, almost unbelievably so, with a net growth of over 300%, from 2.5 billion dollars to 8 billion dollars. Of curse […]

Google Cuts Three Products You Probably Never Used


Google has announced via a blog post late last week that it will be eliminating three of its less popular yet still useful apps: Google Listen, Google Apps for Teams and Google Video for Business. Given the love for Google’s wide range of free web apps in general, no one wants to see their favorite […]

“Please don’t censor the web”: Google


A very big censorship issue around Indian govt and world to make a cut on few social websites like google.

2011 was a year of… From Google


Happy New Year From Techbusy.Org…

Share your knowledge and idea with google knol

Hknol-logo-homeave you heard about Google Knol?

Google – 1998 to 2011 Journey of Homepage Changes


Every single person who knows few percent about internet knows about google very well.

Google Penalizing Everyone Who Follows Spam

google penalty

Google is turning from strict to very strict against all spammers and spam followers. Recently Google stops its “Buzz” services to stop increasing numbers of online spammers.  As google is the no.1 search engine as we all know, its main responsibility is to provide non-spamming search links to its users. For that google starts penalizing […]

Track your Website on Google Search Results


As Google is No.1 source of traffic for every webmaster, tracking of any website on Google search results page is helpful to find out completion among similar content websites. For example, If your website content is based on sports news and you want to check its ranking for the keyword “sport news” you must recommend […]