40 Years of Atari Gaming (Infographic)

40 Years of Atari History (Infographic)

While I’m not old enough to have witnessed the original release of Pong, I am old enough to have done some serious Atari gaming in my younger days. Now, to make me and my peers feel even older, Atari has celebrated its 40th birthday. It may not be much of a player in the gaming […]

Students Like Social Media (Infographic)

Students Like Social Media (Infographic)

Mobile devices are making their way in increasing numbers into high schools around the world, presenting teachers, students and parents with both educational opportunity and distraction. This infographic explores the pros and cons of mobile tech in the high school classroom:

Google by the Numbers (Infographic)

Google by the Numbers (Infographic)

With Google expected to spill the beans on Android Jelly Bean today, it seems like a good time to take a step back and survey the awesome size of the web giant. This infographic aims to measure everything it can about Google and its endeavors – check back later today for official Jelly Bean news:

iPad vs. Textbooks (Infographic)

iPads vs. Textbooks (Infographic)

Given how important continuing education is to all us of, whether we’re tech enthusiasts or IT professionals, TechBusy.org is working to focus more on the learning experience. We started with our first of many free course listings yesterday and today comes an interesting infographic that explores the possibility of the Apple iPad overtaking and replacing […]

A Game of Phones (Infographic)

A Game of Phones (Infographic)

The past few years have seen Android slowly push forward in its battle with Apple’s iOS to command the smartphone and tablet OS market. This well-made infographic details the new fronts in this old fight as both Google and Apple work to win over consumers (click to enlarge):

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (Infographic)

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (Infographic)

Details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Windows tablet are still few and far between but already comparisons against Apple’s beloved iPad are taking place. While the Surface may not be a direct competitor to the iPad as it attempts to tabletize the PC market, the two will obviously compete for the cash of many end-users […]

Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me? (Infographic)

Siri, Why Don't You Understand Me? (Infographic)

Apple’s Siri, the helpful AI with a lady’s voice that resides in the latest iPhone and iPad models, has experienced both high praise and much malaise since her introduction last year; some users find the program helpful while others complain that Siri simply doesn’t understand or properly process the commands given to her. With Apple […]

Technology in College Life (Infographic)

Technology in College (Infographic)

Academic life has been highly influenced by technology over the past few decades and today’s college students rank among the most tech-savvy of people. With more than 90% of students using simple technologies like email to communicate with teaching staff and 70% taking digital notes as opposed to traditional written notes, the examples of how […]

Women Make Tech Happen (Infographic)

Women Who Tech (Infographic)

While the world of technology may sometimes seem to be dominated by men, the other half of the population is quickly infiltrating the niche, bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives. What was previously seen as the realm of men is suddenly getting a woman’s touch, and the trend is only picking up speed. Have a […]

Robots as Educational Tools (Infographic)

Robots as Study Guides (Infographic)

While simple machines such as calculators have long played a role in education, robots have quickly begun infiltrating both classrooms and children’s bedrooms over the past few decades in an effort to encourage both learning and play. While the idea of true, intelligent robots being the teachers of children still seems far-fetched to many people, […]