Does Oprah Really Love the Surface?

Does Oprah really love the Microsoft Surface?

While it has been very difficult to discern details from the sidelines, it would appear that Microsoft is in a bit of an uproar over weak Surface sales and criticism of Windows 8, and a recent tweet by none other than Oprah Winfrey has put the salt on an already bitter cake for the company […]

Sinofsky Parts Ways with Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky

Microsoft has announced that they are parting ways with the man behind Windows 8, mere weeks after the release of the company’s most aggressive launch in decades, sparking debate over just what caused the unexpected shake-up. With rumors swirling over what exactly caused Sinofsky’s departure, analysts have speculated that he is being blamed for a […]

Microsoft Announces Surface Pricing

The "Pro" x86 favor of Surface.

The wait took long enough to convince some tech watchers that Microsoft’s previously announced tablet was nothing more than vaporware, but the Surface has finally been made available for preorder, with pricing details shown off on the company’s website yesterday. Set for an October 26 release alongside the new Windows 8 operating system, the Surface […]

Microsoft Reportedly Planning Surface Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 920

Reports are surfacing (pun intended) that Microsoft plans to release a Surface-branded smartphone in 2013 as a follow-up to their upcoming Surface tablets, raising fears that hardware partners will see their businesses suffer more losses as the technology giant wades further into the realm of hardware, even as Windows-enthusiasts began clamoring for a Surface phone. […]

Microsoft Surface Release Date Confirmed

The "Pro" x86 favor of Surface.

The date has long been speculated on but today Microsoft has officially confirmed that their upcoming Windows 8-powered tablet, dubbed the Surface, will be available on October 26, the same day as that next version of their Windows operating system. The news comes directly from an annual report submitted this week to the United States […]

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (Infographic)

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (Infographic)

Details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Windows tablet are still few and far between but already comparisons against Apple’s beloved iPad are taking place. While the Surface may not be a direct competitor to the iPad as it attempts to tabletize the PC market, the two will obviously compete for the cash of many end-users […]

Microsoft Surface: First Impressions

The "Pro" x86 favor of Surface.

Yesterday’s highly anticipated press conference from Microsoft saw the company show off a tablet that will offer something new to the iPad-dominated market in the form of the Microsoft Surface, a pair of slick tablet computers that will each run on Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 x86 respectively. While the Windows RT version will […]