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Hknol-logo-homeave you heard about Google Knol?

Share an Image on Twitter Now


World leading social tweets provider twitter adds one more feature to its social business. At date before this we can only share text tweets on twitter but now onwards image share is also possible from twitter. To do this just click on camera icon as shown in picture below, then select your photo from your […]

Mobile manufacturer world Market share


We all use mobile phones not just for calling our near and dear ones but also to send MMS, SMS, Web browsing, GPRS..[-]

How to create a new torrent file using uTorrent


You must have heard about torrents before. It allows users to share files like audio, video, images..[-]

Send your tweets to your friend email


Do you use Twitter? Or Do you want to share or send your recent tweets updates..[-]

Connect Twitter with Delicious account using Packrati


Everyday our internet is getting more and more social with so many networking sites…[-]

Twitter @anywhere to share anything from anywhere

Many big companies and celebrities have their account on Twitter including Google, Microsoft. Their API are widely used by other 3rd party applications…[-]

Comment on anything using Stickr


While surfing the Internet, I found a great site named Stickr. Its a new way to comment on any site or a webpage and you can share it with other people…[-]

Show recent Twitter tweets on your website

Do you know Twitter has its own official recent tweets widget which allows you to show your recent profile tweets on your blog.

AddThis famous Social Services site list


AddThis also publishes these social service sites stats from time to time on the basis of their popularity. It includes sites changing trends, sharing and ranking.