Path, a Social Networking on the Rise


Path recently leveled up the search function in social networks in more ways than you can imagine coming from Facebook’s Timeline or from Twitter and Instagram. Just this December, this messaging and media-sharing service launched innovative search features which further bolstered its claim as “the smart journal” for mobile communication devices. With this new addition […]

#Instaquitters Rage on Instagram’s Terms of Service


Scrolling down to see new photos posted by friends, one pic is a picture of his hand holding a note that said: “I am not posting my pics on Tadaa, Eyeem and Streamzoo. Join me.” Such messages have been appearing lately after Instagram released their new terms of service. According to Instagram’s policy, it has […]

Twitter: Retweets Explained


Are you still confused when you see both user-created retweets and the newer, official retweets in your Twitter content stream? You’re not alone: the backlash over last year’s launch of the official retweet by Twitter has caused endless confusion for its users. In the name of clarity and staying up-to-date on the best practices to […]

3 Beautiful Social Media Pages for Business


Taking advantage of social media is a no-brainer for modern businesses, allowing them to connect with the public on a platform that they are comfortable with and leaving an impression that every business hopes will lead to increased brand-awareness and sales. Unfortunately, setting up a social media page for your business that commands the attention […]

iTweet: Apple Considering Twitter Investment

Twitter on iPhone

Apple has dominated many areas of the consumer electronics industry over the past ten years, turning what was once a simple brand into a globally recognized symbol of high technology. The iPhone dominates many smartphone markets around the world, the iPad is the best selling tablet computer of all time and the iPod has become […]

Twitter Temporarily Banned in Pakistan

Twitter in Pakistan

Twitter users in Pakistan found themselves without access to the social networking platform over the weekend as the country took the step of blocking its entire population from the site in light of a mention of the infamous “Draw Muhammad Day” contest held on May 20, 2010, apparently in fear that it would be repeated […]

Free Twitter Autoresponder


Twitter is becoming world’s most favorite social media share solution. If you want to send direct message to all your new followers then you can use this twitter autoresponder service. To get this service just follow steps below: 1 Sign up for a free account at Socialoomph. (See the link in resource section at the […]