3 Beautiful Social Media Pages for Business


Taking advantage of social media is a no-brainer for modern businesses, allowing them to connect with the public on a platform that they are comfortable with and leaving an impression that every business hopes will lead to increased brand-awareness and sales. Unfortunately, setting up a social media page for your business that commands the attention […]

Online Cable Television Soon for Public by YouTube


As we all know YouTube is world’s No.1 free video sharing platform from Google and its popularity increasing amazingly all around the world.

Solve Puzzle Video on Youtube

Youtube is converting as one of the targeted traffic sources around internet. For this reason all the traffic hungry people are looking towards ytube to get more out of it.

Youtube secret shortcuts to play videos


Youtube never leak this but this is one of the most useful thing for mouse haters and keyboard lovers. If you’ll remember all these simple shortcuts then have more fun with youtube by playing videos. Just check these shortcuts below : by pressing 1 – 9 it will take you to 10-90% in the video. […]

Google soon launch youtube movie service

The search giant Google is looking to launch its first ever movies service with the help of its own youtube. Google planning to do this for months and finally it will be going to launch soon as google got all data required for this from hollywood studios. Google invests 100 million $ for this youtube […]

YouTube has been redesigned with many new features

youtube logo

Its a good news for all YouTube lovers. The site has been redesigned and many new features..[-]

Google answered 2012 world end question

Today’s article title will look bit funny but its true. Google recently answered the question related 2012 End Of The World….[-]

Watch 3D movies photos on YouTube and Computer

Movies are the best timepass medium and 3D movies are best way to feel the effect of the movies. There are many sites which offers free small 3D movies and photos including YouTube.

YouTube safe video mode filter

Recenlty YouTube has added Safe Mode filter for videos. This filter will protect users from obsence and violent video content…[-]

How to embed or add YouTube videos to blog website


I am sure everyone who use Internet must be aware about Google YouTube videos. For those who don’t know about YouTube, Google YouTube is social video sharing website used by millions of people worldwide to share their video or recordings with the world.