Video Game Sales at 11% Decline for November

Games have always been a big industry in the United States, warranting the marketing leaps developers put on their launches. Despite the undisputed hype over video games however, recent studies show that sales within the US have declined for the past months. As of November, there’s been an overall decrease of 11% on sales.

According to NPD, the average drop in sales can be attributed to just a few titles. This means that although some of the games managed to retain blockbuster standing, the decline in others have pulled the average downwards. The low sales may also be linked to the fact that there are fewer game releases this year.



Comparisons and Sales
Although the November sales have declined, this is actually the good news in the overall scheme of things. Upon comparison, the 2012 sales show that smallest decrease on unit sales on a yearly basis. Note though that the total figure does not take into account digital downloads.

Some of the big winners for the game industry this year include Microsoft, Nintendo and Activision. The Microsoft-released Halo 4 included in the Top 5 games sold more than 50 million games while Black Ops from Activision managed to reach $1 Billion in sales during the first 15 days of global release.

Nintendo reports around 400,000 unit sales for their Wii Us together with the touch screen controller during its first 7 days on US stores. Reports show that Japan is targeting sales of 5.5 million for the Wii globally by the end of the third month next year.

Following are the top 10 game sales as of November according to NPD:

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
2. Halo 4
3. Assassin’s Creed 3
4. Just Dance 4
5. Madden NFL 13
6. Skylander Giants
7. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
8. NBA 2K13
9. WWE 12
10. Fifa Soccer 13

Digital Game Downloads
Of course, let’s not forget the digital aspect of the sales. Although NPD provides a reliable overview of today’s video game industry, it would be hard to ignore that online downloads are getting more and more following. According to critics, the numbers released by NPD do not present an accurate view of the situation. Tablet games and those played in smart phones are also blind spots that the NPD failed to account for.

A separate accounting for digital sales is actually underway with NPD with the firm suggesting that the digital aspect accounts for roughly $410 million of the November sales.

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