What to Expect From Android 4.4 KitKat


The fastest growing operational system that powers over 1 billion devices in the world is coming up with a new version called KitKat. The name for the Android 4.4 version follows the company’s long tradition of candy and dessert names such as the Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. The project had been under wraps until its official announcement last month. The name made quite a buzz among tech reviewers while Nestle made special wrappers for the KitKat products in celebration of the newest mobile gadget OS. Then a gargantuan replica of the KitKat Android was erected in front of the Google headquarters to signify the up and coming launch.

For the consumers, the name is very catchy. What with the chocolate-covered wafer name, who wouldn’t be amused?  But for the avid Android fans, they’re dying to know what the new OS has to offer. Some are thinking speed and more options. While some are saying that the Android 4.4 will be flexible enough to be used in more gadgets such as better smartwatches, a smart TV and personal computers. There was even a clamor for Android-powered game consoles.  Tech reporters were not quite successful in getting any information until recently, when a leakster Android Police posted a short clip of some guy ahh!-ing over what might be a soon-to-be-launched Nexus 5. In the 12-second video, two men were trying to unlock the phone and then it was over. There were also photos released but it merely showed some color adjustments on the graphics.

A review site called 9to5google.com showed more details. The images showed the alpha-numeric touch dialler will sport  a white background and blue numbers.  Three buttons for the phone, time and phonebook are represented on the top of the screen, also in white and blue. The messaging section is showing a breakaway from the traditional message box and keypad. The home screen, as mention, now bears a techno-color kaleidoscope type of motif. There’s also a leaked photo of the ‘About Phone’ page in the settings that indicate that the phone model used is a Nexus 4 and that it was used to test the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Meanwhile, another Android blogger site said that the screen lock will bear a shortcut for the camera app. This will make it very convenient for the photo-crazed generation to access their favorite feature in their smartphone. The Android 4.4 KitKat is expected to be released this month.

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