What’s New in Firefox Aurora

Firefox Aurora, which is another release channel, has helped Mozilla Firefox spread their experimental builds to a much wider range of audience to help out with the development of their web browser capabilities. This release channel was created to help Mozilla create new changes to Firefox at a much faster rate.

The concept of using release channels has already been thought of by Mozilla but how it was used is entirely different to what Google Chrome users are familiar with. Nowadays, it seems that Mozilla is following the same pattern in terms of releases as that of Google Chrome. What makes Firefox Aurora and its family different is that there will no longer be freezes on the main repository of Mozilla.


There are two things that you need to watch out for if you plan on using Firefox Aurora or are already using it. These are:

  • Add-ons – Most add-ons may not keep up with the upgrades with the Aurora which means that there are some that may not work in the long run. However, you can always go over the version check by installing Nightly Tester Tools.
  • Firefox Profile – This is another serious thing to consider. All of the channels built by Mozilla use the same Firefox profile. Although this may sound good at first it can create errors whenever you switch from Aurora builds back to Firefox releases. This can dampen your use of the Firefox Aurora in the long run.

The good news is that there is a way to overcome these two hurdles. You can just get the Firefox Profile Manager then simply go through the step by step instructions included to form a new profile. Just transfer all the details of your previous profile to the new one and that’s it. When you power up Firefox Aurora you will be asked to choose which profile you will be using. This way, you will never have to worry about any incompatibilities occurring when you use Firefox.

So far, Mozilla has recently released its Aurora 14 where you can expect a lot of improvements. Just to give you a taste of what you should expect with this new release, here are a few features that are worth mentioning:

  • Pointer Lock API – this new feature allows gamers to have a much better experience because the game itself will handle mouse control compared to seeing a pointer on your screen.
  • Increase Security – You will notice that the four options to searching which are basically home page, search bar, contextual menu and the address bar are equipped with the https service by Google which heightens the security when you search.

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