Major Data Centers in Northeast Weather Hurricane


Hurricane Irene threatened millions of people along the Eastern seaboard. Currently, over 20 have been killed by the storm and over 4 million have been left without power. There is no doubt that billions of dollars in damage have been caused in several major cities, and even those living in areas unaffected directly by Hurricane […]

The Day of Independence For india, 15th August

The_Day_of_Independance_For_india_15th_ August

Independence day, 15th august is only few days later and In India lots of people still feeling under armed of someone as there are attacks and bomb blasts in every corner of India. This is 64th Independence day for India and will have huge celebrations all around Indians specially at Delhi as its capital of […]

Pre Order Available For .XXX domain!


If you want to lead in adult industry websites then just upgrade your domain to .xxx as all adult and like wise websites will follow .xxx domain which is available to pre order on .XXX is a top level domain (TLD) like .com, .org or .net. It contains all business features and especially for […]

Choosing a Serial Attached SCSI Drive


Serial attached SCSI are common storage solutions amongst businesses and professionals requiring the frequent transfer of information. There are a wide variety of serial attached SCSI systems available; however, when choosing to purchase one for either personal or professional use, there are three major components you should look for: performance, reliability, and scalability. Performance Whether […]

Not dot com but dot anythingyoulike in future internet

Not dot com but dot anythingyoulike in future internet

This is one of great news for all internet maniacs and specially for domain traders. As dot com domain registeration loosing its rules and terms day by day , it introduce soon this feature in which you can register with your special business or corporate domain extension. For example : Currently apple have as […]

A Wooden Computer Concept


This is just creativity in making of computer to use wood instead of metals. All other hardware is common except outer wooden material. Design is unique and ready to put in public. Here are the photos of wooden computer : Share with your Friends If you like this

Visa Credit Card Issuers in India


Features of creditcards ar always amazing like buy online goods securely, buy services online etc.   This article is for them who need contact information about Visa Credit Card Issuers in India. Here is the full list with bank names, inquiry numbers and websites :     Name of Bank Account Inquiry Lost/Stolen Card Website/E-mail Allahabad […]

Bill me later service of Paypal


The world’s huge money transfer medium Paypal just introduce its new service named “Bill Me later”. By using this service people can buy their products or services online without pay at buying time.. but you will be billed by Paypal later time. This is useful for people who have less balance at emergency in their […]

Hacking PSP 3004 or Breaking PSP 3004


Hack is the word itself contains risks, so if you want to take risk then only try to hack your PSP 3004. The last version of Sony PSP series 3004 comes with psp anti hacking feature, means if you will try to hack it then it will break your psp 3004. Sony PSP 3004 is means […]

Play Angry Birds Online on any web browser


Angry Birds is the most popular online game ever and most rated to on its official website. You can play this game online HERE , this link is from Google chrome browser. But if you paste this link in any other browser with suitable plugins installed then you can play on that too. In chrome required plugin […]