So you want to know more about Forex Killer before you buy it, right? Of course you do and that's why you're here! You're definitely not looking for cat grooming tips and if you were, you need to brush up on your internet skills! Anyway, I'll tell you everything I know about it and my experiences with it in this Forex Killer review.

Is Forex Killer a scam? Well, no. But what is it? If you don't know anything about the foreign exchange – or Forex – market, then Forex Killer is basically a computer program which trades money for you, without any input from a human user except for setting it up at the start.

In effect, Forex Killer is a way for a total novice in the world of currency trading – that's probably you – to begin making money in this $1.2 trillion a day market. The great thing about using an automated trading platform like this is the fact that you don't have to know anything about the market, you don't have to be in front of your computer and most importantly, it can be trading for you 24 hours a day, even while you're sleeping.

Because it's automated, the all risk had to be minimised to a minute level or even taken out of the equation altogether, simply because there wouldn't be someone there to watch it. How it works is that Forex Killer completes extremely low-risk or no-risk trades, and while they won't make you a lot of money individually, the fact that it doesn't have to sleep and can be trading all day, every day means that it will generally make a whole lot more money than you could by yourself – especially if you're a novice.

All that's required once you buy Forex Killer is to read the material enclosed in the program, spend ten minutes setting it up and then send it on its way. The great thing is that you can begin trading with as little as $50, though I recommend you invest $100 or more, like I did when I began trading.

So I'll bet you're wanting to know how successful I was with the program, right? Well as I said I stared with only $100 as I wanted to test the potency of what Forex Killer could do, and decided to give it two months to bring me results as that was how long I had to get a refund if I so desired it.

Once I'd set it up I let it do its thing and a week later my $100 was now $250, and two months down the track I had $1250, which meant $1150 profit. Now $1150 may not sound like such a great income for two months work, but when you consider I started with only $100 and I didn't do anything at all to make it, you should begin to take notice of what this program can do.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to make money online but is sick of spending money on “Get Rich Quick” scams and products. This is actually a proven and tried-and-tested way of making money that won't make you a huge amount on a small investment right away, however the more you invest the better your returns.

Whatever you decide, I hope this Forex Killer scam review has helped you decide whether to buy this product. Good luck and I hope you can achieve success with it!

Source by David Morris