My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit a gold mine in Africa. We found it to be more than just gold. We went deep down into “mother- earth”, more than a mile deep. We experienced first-hand where gold has been stored for millennia, how fabulous it looked, how thrilling it was, our hearts were beating in our chests.

Many times in my life I asked “how can so many people around the world desire gold so eagerly with such intensity for so many years” until I saw the real secret with my own eyes.

This gold mine is in Johannesburg South Africa; down we went in a mine shaft which felt like a journey of a lifetime, deep into the belly of the earth. We walked through a narrow tunnel, we felt the high and humid temperature and we noticed the dimmed lights hanging on the side of the tunnel that portrays a scary movie.  Finally when we reached the rock-face where the gold was layered in its splendid beauty that was tucked away in solid rock, we stood in awe.

With our fingers we touched the rough rock-face surface, we admired the sight in the dim light and it brought smiles to our faces. We dreamt about what this gold can bring in our lives, the pleasure and the beauty it can offer people. What a gorgeous sight to see. Hidden for such a long time where no person has seen it before. Yes, it was a thrilling moment.

The glittering layers of gold embedded in hard rock, it's so enticing to the mind. The real stuff, never been owned before, it belongs to mother earth, but it needs to be mined with careful planning, great skill and hard work. It was very overwhelming to think that there was over a mile of rock piled up above our heads, one gets the feeling of total insignificance. The mind quickly moves away from sensing such danger. You bring the mind back to it senses and you start to dream again when you see the layers of gold glittering in front of you. Our headlamps flashing left and right which created a shining reflection back to us. You get the urge to dig it out by hand, but realize that knowledge and skill has to be applied to bring it to the surface and only then can it be melted, purified, shaped and then admired and enjoyed.

Our tour leader told us that the mines are in operation 24 hours a day, it never stops and it shuts down only on Christmas day. He brought us back to the surface in the slow mineshaft elevator; he took us to the melting pots which are above ground. Hot flames melted the pieces of rock in the red hot oven; the heat could be felt from a distance. Skilled workers poured out the melting lava in rectangular block containers, the gold started to glitter again; it has been separated from the dirt. After the cooling down period, it was poured out for us to view and admire. Big square blocks of solid gold from deep down in the unknown world.

How majestic it was, how fortunate to see such beauty and to experience the feeling of wealth that it can bring to so many when you show it to others – precious gold that was hidden for thousands of years. People enjoy that feeling of great wealth and beauty when you own a piece of such beauty. Yes, we had the privilege to see it deep underground in the belly of the earth and now it's in a pure solid block, but it took skill and leadership to bring it up to this stage. More skill is required to take it to the next level for it to become even more usable.

Recently, I sat down and recalled that great experience we had. It came to mind that an online home-based business is a carbon copy of digging and finding gold. The whole earth where gold is stored is the equivalent of the “internet”. It is overwhelming and confusing as to where to search for the glittering gold that the internet can offer you know it's there, but it's hidden under lots of “internet dirt”.

The drive to search for it to strike it rich, the knowledge and skill that is needed to bring it to the surface, the refining process; all this takes special skill sets to bring it to reality. Yes, the leaders in the mines know it takes a step at a time to have the end result. The concentration on the essential things, the purification process, the overcoming of obstacles, the learning processes, the self-mastery, the action to be taken in order to obtain it, the team-work and co-operation that is needed to succeed while keeping the end result of success in mind.

All of those steps are necessary to get that feeling of glittering success that brings joy in one's life knowing it will shine bright eventually. The feeling of owning the gold, to love it, to share the beauty with others, then they too will start to desire it, then they want it for themselves and they will show it to others. I thought to myself that is why so many people around the world desire gold so eagerly with such intensity for so many years. An online home based marketing business is a carbon copy of the gold mining process. It is duplicating it every step of the way. It requires searching for the true stuff, sifting out, purifying it and working on it so that it can work 24 hours a day nonstop around the world, just about the same as the gold mine.

My wife and I have experienced this gold mine venture firsthand both with gold and with internet marketing. We have been successful in training many people around the world. We became leaders to others because we had hard knocks in life and we endured.  This leadership is now offered for people to achieve what they thought was impossible for themselves before. They get a much higher vision by setting higher goals and in many cases achieve far greater results than what they thought possible for themselves. The shining of the gold comes out in the dim light until the headlamp flashes on it, it starts to glitter again. A new mindset skill elevates the possibility to overcome, to win to achieve and to reach the goal.  

This is fulfilling and it's exciting, but it's even more exciting for those who are getting trained. It's a satisfying feeling to give and share new skills and we know it should be shared with many who are hungry for great leadership. Helping others always gives us the feeling of freedom and happiness. Self-investment is like searching for gold in the earth, when it's found and one masters the skill of bringing it to the surface to melt it gives great joy.  That is when it stands solid in this unpredictable, dangerous and fast moving world.

As a family we travel a lot, it is exciting and enlightening and extremely educational. We have learnt a lot from the goldmine episode, it is far more than just digging for gold.

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Source by Johannes Breyten-Bach