Google Glass: Glassware AWOL


There’d been talks that Google Glass will be stretching its software with the apps that will come with the XE10 update. Called Glassware, the new programs will feature customization of voice commands and developer access to the motion tracking sensors of the Glass. Tech geeks said that it was going to be the biggest Glass […]

Setting Up a Chromecast


What’s not to love about Chromecast? This 2.8 inch device is capable of “casting” videos and music from the Internet all the way to your TV using different devices such as your tablet, phone or computer as its remote control. It’s not hard to set up Chromecast on your own as this $35 device is […]

Google Buys Waze for $1.3 Billion


Google’s mapping system is getting a major boost with its acquisition of Waze, winner of Best Overall Mobile App Award in the 2013 Mobile World Congress.  Google is reported to be finalizing the deal after Facebook had fallen out of the bid.  Waze is getting purchased for a whopping $1.3 Billion which the fourth largest […]

Purified Android Found in Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition


It is quite common to see Android devices like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC offering high-end smartphones with their own built-in software on top of the Android OS which meant that there were a lot of added software that are not really needed. Google has tied up with some tech companies to create a smartphone […]

Google Now Makes Sending Email and Text Messages Easier


Google has announced new improvements on their Google Now service during their I/O conference. One example of their improvements was allowing their users to create reminders for themselves within the app itself. This has been discussed in several forums already but one that hasn’t been revealed before was the ability of Google Now to send […]

Google Drive Increases Storage to 15GB


Google has announced last Monday that they will be providing Google users with additional storage space of 15GB worth that is shared with Drive, Google+ and Gmail. This breaking news was delivered even before the start of the Google I/O Conference which will be held within the week. According to Google’s blog post, the new […]

Get Swype Keyboard in Google Play


The Swype keyboard is now available at Google Play for just $0.99. This application was once pre-installed in several Android devices for beta testing but it is now downloadable for all Android devices including smartphones and tablets. Swype was acquired by Nuance Communications on October 2011 and has developed it further to cater to all […]

How to Use Google Keep


Google has just announced their new service for note taking called Keep. This application is compatible with devices that run on Android version 4.0.3 and up or through the Google Drive website. Any notes that you have previously will be automatically synced from the website to your Google Keep. Once you have installed Keep, you […]

Google Glass Breakthrough


The techie community is buzzing about the Google Glass hype, with high promises of hands-free digitized reality through wearable computing.  Once called Project Glass, Google has embedded computer abilities in a glassed chip, digitally connecting users to the internet world anytime, anywhere, no matter what they’re doing.  The Glass is worn like reading glasses, except […]

The All New Affordable Chromebook


The Chromebook is a personal computer run by the Google Chrome operating system. They are known for their reasonable prices and speedy start up since the applications virtually run within the web rather than the conventional OS that operates in the PC itself. The third generation Chromebooks released in October last year are the latest […]