Review: SteelSeries Stratus – The new way to play games on iPad


Good news for iPad users for those who want to play games on their iPad, SteelSeries Stratus is a great solution. Most iPad users may wonder how they can play games using a controller like iPhone users. Introducing SteelSeries Stratus, the first Bluetooth controller which lets you play games on your iPad, this device costs […]

BlackBerry’s $4.4bn Loss and subsequent five years deal with Foxconn


Though all may not have looked good for Blackberry after the announcement of third quarter loss of $4.4 billion, it seems that things are shaping up for the once smartphone market dominant player as it recently entered a five years deal with the world’s largest electronic parts manufacturer Foxconn. The company, last month, abandoned its […]

Trends in mobile gaming


Everywhere you look these days you’ll see people playing games on their smartphones or tablets. Being bored in a queue is a thing of the past – you simply whip out your mobile and start playing and the waiting time disappears. If you’re not playing on your phone, you’re one of a minority these days. […]

Moto X vs iPhone 5S, Round 2


When it comes to appearance, the iPhone 5S definitely takes the score for its minimalist clean design and sleekness. But hold the phones in each hand and you’ll find that the Moto X’s rounded back has a more comfortable grip. The Moto X is now the leader of customization as it packs an extra back […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review


Samsung’s newest flagship supersized phone is getting rave reviews. If users ignore the price and the faux-leather back cover that’s still made of plastic, the Galaxy Note 3 has very impressive features. Starting with the display, the screen is gargantuan at 5.7 inches. The interface is blazing in speed coupled by the handy S-pen that […]

Huawei Vitria Speeds Up LTE


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei had pumped up its flagship model with a faster LTE component. The Huawei Vitria is an affordable device with acceptable features. Mid-range phones are still preferred by light users such as the older generation. But Huawei has considered the need for a quicker streaming function, with more and more people relying […]

HTC One Max Review


The new flagship smartphone for HTC is no longer a rumor. The Chinese electronics giant has just released the HTC One Max. It’s the phablet version of the HTC One, with a 5.9-inch screen and a few additions to the Sense user interface.  The 1080p display is framed in silver which in full size comes […]

Samsung Galaxy Round


The unstoppable South Korean electronics giant has launched the world’s first bent phone. Called the Galaxy Round, it shows off the newest innovation of mobile screens, the curved OLED. The foldable organic light emitting diode technology has been used in Samsung’s curved TV. Samsung has extended the use of OLED to its newest smartphone release, […]

Alcatel One Touch Fierce and Evolve Models


Alcatel’s latest One Touch smartphones are called Fierce and Evolve. The phone specifications are not exactly top of the line but its affordability will make it appealing to the low-end market.  The features still have high usability and Alcatel units still boast of solid call quality. Alcatel One Touch Fierce is an entry level 4G […]

What to Expect About Google’s Next Smartphone, Nexus 5


Tipsters are not keeping mum about Google’s next smartphone model. The Nexus 5’s photos and documents have been leaked and circulated on the internet by tech analysts. The technical information showed flow charts, diagrams, specifications and even a 281-page draft of a service manual, giving users an in-depth look at the next Google flagship phone.  […]