Facebook Allows Videos in Mobile App Ads


Facebook has made some changes to the Mobile App Ads in favor of advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg and his geek posse will now be supporting video advertisements.  Apps can now be advertised using clips that will be included in a user’s News Feed. Videos that appear on Facebook have been proven quite effective in luring in […]

Is Social Media Really Safer Than Online Banking?


Nowadays, we’re all reliant on the internet to get some of those mundane yet necessary tasks done. We use it to stay in touch with work colleagues, to do shopping and to learn about what’s going on in the wider world. Something else the net has been used for in recent years is banking, which […]

Twitter Seeks to Raise $1 billion in IPO


Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has filed for an initial public offering of $1 billion in stock. “We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO.  This tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale,” the social media posted on its own hub on September 12.  The American company had […]

Give BlackBerry Messenger a Chance


BlackBerry has recently crossed platforms, making its chat messaging app available to iOS and Android. BlackBerry Messenger or BBM has already appeared on Google’s Play Store and the Apple Store, as its answer to popular chat and voice internet protocol apps such as WhatsApp and Viber.  The troubled smartphone brand is struggling to keep the […]

Twitter Buys TV Analyst and Social Media Tracker Trendrr


The social media giant is now the owner of Trendrr, a company that specializes in digital and social media business solutions. Trendrr is known to collect and look at competitive data, track products and brands through post mentions in social media and links on the web. The flexible tracking abilities can be worked with blogs, […]

The World’s Most Checked In Places


Airports comprise the list of the 50 most checked in places on Facebook. It’s really a no-brainer since waiting in airports will give one lots of time for 10 status updates. With 900 million users, Facebook was curious as to where they usually flock. And that was found out tallying the most checked in places […]

Unread Posts in Facebook Get Bumped Up


You might be feeling a bit frustrated with your Facebook News Feed as the posts there appear to get scrambled every time you refresh the page. What’s happening is that any unread posts that you have missed will be bumped up alongside the newer posts so you won’t miss any updates from your family and […]

A Flood of Funny Tweets for the #RoyalBaby


Twenty-four hours into the world yet the new Prince of Cambridge is already flooding social media hubs with heart-warming welcomes as well as humorous comments. Millions went to Twitter to express their jubilation and whimsy remarks about the birth of William and Kate’s baby.   The royal baby caused web traffic in the social group, peaking […]

Michelle Obama Joins Instagram


America’s First Lady has just joined the popular photo-sharing hub Instagram. In a matter of days, Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) is already followed by 281,000 fellow Instagram users.  Her profile description sounded very official which stated:  “This account is run by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama.  Instagrams from the First Lady are signed –mo.  […]

Facebook Data Glitch Exposes Users


A bug in Facebook’s system caused the massive exposure of private information of its account holders. Six million users’ private data became accessible and even downloadable by other Facebookers who were not even directly connected to an exposed user. Email and telephone contacts were among the information that was divulged. One simply had to use […]