BlackBerry’s $4.4bn Loss and subsequent five years deal with Foxconn


Though all may not have looked good for Blackberry after the announcement of third quarter loss of $4.4 billion, it seems that things are shaping up for the once smartphone market dominant player as it recently entered a five years deal with the world’s largest electronic parts manufacturer Foxconn. The company, last month, abandoned its […]

RIM Officially Releases BBM 7


Whether or not the former mobile heavyweight will be able to hit the heights it previously enjoyed remains to be seen, but BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is doing all that it can to create a new atmosphere of innovation ahead of the launch of BlackBerry 10 next month, including yesterday’s release of BBM 7. […]

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C Introduced

BlackBerry Dev Alpha C

In their continued quest to regain their place in the mobile market, RIM has introduced the latest of its developer handsets, this one dubbed the Dev Alpha C and sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, a hallmark of BlackBerry devices. Of course, BlackBerry fans who aren’t ready, willing and able to provide their sparsely populated App […]

RIM Moves Steadily Towards BlackBerry 10 Launch

BlackBerry 10

Only weeks after most analysts were predicting their coming demise – and more than a few still are – it seems that Research in Motion may still have hope left among its investors. The BlackBerry maker’s stock shot up nearly 14 percent to end the week as news that it would deliver its line of […]

Can BlackBerry 10 Return RIM to Glory?


Research in Motion, makers of the formally popular BlackBerry line of smartphones, released new details today concerning their plans for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system and line of devices, even allowing journalists some hands on time with what was being called the “BlackBerry 10 alpha B device.” While reviews were generally positive and […]

BlackBerry PlayBook LTE 4G Coming Soon

BlackBerry PlayBook

If you thought Research in Motion was focusing on its fledgling smartphone business exclusively, you were wrong; the company has announced that a new version of its largely unpopular PlayBook tablet is set to hit Canadian mobile providers’ shelves on August 9. Fans of the powerful but poorly adopted PlayBook shouldn’t get too excited; the […]

Will Facebook Purchase BlackBerry?

Facebook + BlackBerry

Weekend rumors and a report today in the New York Times indicate with growing surety that Facebook will soon be launching its very own smartphone and associated speculation sees a possible acquisition in the making. Facebook has picked up several members of the teams that worked on design and engineering of Apple’s iPhone and iPad […]

Blackberry Playbook Launch Date and Price In India

BlackBerry PlayBook

All tablet geeks of India are waiting for Blackberry’s upcoming gadget BlackBerry Playbook. BB playbook has been already popular in rest of the world but it will launch in India on 22 June 2011. As it contains lots of features it will give tough fight to all competitors in its tablet range. You can put Blackberry […]

Blackberry Mobiles lower its Price in India

blackberry curve in india

This is one of huge news for all mobile lovers that blackberry lower its price in india.   Now any ordinary men can buy blackberry series mobile phones. Blackberry reduce price of its all time favorite mobile Blackberry Curve 8520 in all over india and also increases its warranty period to 18 months which was […]