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Buying and selling of domains (domain trading) is one of the oldest and goldest way to earn online. If you have domain that you want to gift to your friend or a domain has been sold to other then you must need to transfer it properly to buyer or to your friend. Many webmasters can […]

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Search Engine Giant Google has been bought a new domain a “G.CO”. According to google its all about detail URL shortner service. After google url shortner , this will expand doors of more success for google. The main purpose of buying this new domain has not been expose by google but it will be […]

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First step of yours towards making website is to purchase perfect domain for it. Domain is address of your webpage and whenever people put that address in their browser bar then it tends to your website. To get best domain there are many providers in India but here you will find best local domain provider […]

How to Verify a Yahoo Domain


Currently most of the people trust yahoo as domain registrar, If your domain registrar is Yahoo also, follow these procedures to verify your domain: 1. Gather your information Open the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center , click the Users tab, and then click Domains. In the All Domains list, click Verify Now in the Status column […]

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