Review: SteelSeries Stratus – The new way to play games on iPad


Good news for iPad users for those who want to play games on their iPad, SteelSeries Stratus is a great solution. Most iPad users may wonder how they can play games using a controller like iPhone users. Introducing SteelSeries Stratus, the first Bluetooth controller which lets you play games on your iPad, this device costs […]

What’s Apple Got Cooking For the New Year


2012 was an impressive year for Apple with the addition of a cutting-edge Retina display to the MacBook Pro, coming out slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. As if it could not get any better, Apple worked around portability yet retained performance to create the MacBook Air. So what’s next for Apple after the unbridled […]

Microsoft Retires Live Messenger, Changing Online Chat Landscape


Depending on your age, you are likely either intimately familiar with Windows Live Messenger, once known as MSN Messenger, or it is a recognizable name of no importance. Either way, it is now gone, never to be used again by chatty teens or communicative professionals again. Microsoft officially announced today that Windows Live Messenger will […]

Stretchable iPhone and iPad Combo? Not Yet


Prepare to have your mind blown. Imagine an iPhone device that could be stretched to become an iPad Mini, then stretched again to become a full-sized iPad, before going back to its original pocket-sized form, all with simple swipes of the fingers? The idea may sound futuristic or entirely unbelievable, but a combination of very […]

3 Cool iPhone Docks

DashLink Harley iPhone Dock

Taking full advantage of your iPhone means docking it in style and there are a wide range of products intended to help you to charge and sync your iPhone in a more permanent home than is offered by the included USB cable. Here are three very cool docks to add style and usability to your […]

2 iPhone Apps to Help Plan Your Business


Launching any new business requires a detailed plan that guides you from the original idea to profitability and sticking to that plan often proves to be the difference between success and abject failure. With an eye towards product planning, financial stability, goal-reaching and daily building, having a business plan that is available to you at […]

The iPhone Effect: 5 Years On (Infographic)

Apple iPhone: 5 Years Later (Infographic)

Love it or hate it, Apple’s iPhone has been a serious game changer for the mobile industry, quickly becoming one of the world’s favorite phones and winning over consumers from entrenched mobile makers like HTC and BlackBerry. Since its original launch five years ago, the iPhone has heavily influenced the course of mobile manufacturing and […]

How to Use Skype on iPhone – Some Useful Tips


Skype makes this incredibly simple- all you have to do is download their free application onto your iPhone and you are ready to go.

iPhone 4S King of Innovation


The mix of the new processor and the number of innovations to IOS 5 and surrounding make the Apple device the best on the market currently. So, what are its greatest innovations.

Unlimited International VoIP Calls For iPhone


Is your friend or your relative are staying far away from you? You want to make contact with him or her but afraid of bills? If you have similar conditions then this article is only for you. Now you can enjoy unlimited international VoIP calls at low rates for iPhone. Line2 is best iPhone app […]