Windows Blue is Now Officially Windows 8.1


The code name “Blue” which was used by Windows to refer to the update for Windows 8 is now officially called Windows 8.1 which has always been part of the company’s naming strategy for any updates to their software. The name Windows 8.1 was disclosed by Tami Reller, Microsoft Windows’ chief marketing officer and chief […]

A Quick Look at Microsoft Surface Pro


Techies are feasting on another touch-PC release as Microsoft has joined the tablet game. The Surface touch PC series was revealed in June 2012. Microsoft released the light version, Surface RT, in October 26 of last year while the Surface Pro will be released three months after that. The two versions are quite different internally […]

Video Game Sales at 11% Decline for November


Games have always been a big industry in the United States, warranting the marketing leaps developers put on their launches. Despite the undisputed hype over video games however, recent studies show that sales within the US have declined for the past months. As of November, there’s been an overall decrease of 11% on sales. According […]

Schmidt Says Google Winning War Against Apple


If the battle between Apple and Google to dominate the mobile market could be considered a full-scale war, Google is winning handily, according to company CEO Eric Schmidt. Calling his company the modern Microsoft as it duels with the world’s most popular mobile maker, Schmidt said he feels confident in Android’s progress in chewing up […]

Black Friday Retail Dominance: Microsoft Takes on Apple

Microsoft Store

Microsoft has made a splash late in 2012, introducing the world to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the Surface tablet, but they still didn’t have what it takes to compete with consumer juggernaut Apple this past Black Friday. While Microsoft has seemingly made it a point to open their new retail locations as close […]

Microsoft Retires Live Messenger, Changing Online Chat Landscape


Depending on your age, you are likely either intimately familiar with Windows Live Messenger, once known as MSN Messenger, or it is a recognizable name of no importance. Either way, it is now gone, never to be used again by chatty teens or communicative professionals again. Microsoft officially announced today that Windows Live Messenger will […]

New Microsoft Smartphone Rumors Surface

Microsoft's new logo

A report today in the Wall Street Journal has given new life to the rumor that Microsoft will soon be releasing a smartphone to accompany the already-released Surface tablet, and sources with component manufacturers in Asia seem to confirm it. Citing unnamed sources from within technological manufacturing circles in Taipei, the WSJ report says that […]

Microsoft Set to Announce a Tablet? Stay Tuned

Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft has invited the media to attend a mysterious press event today in Los Angeles, fueling weekend speculation that the Windows-maker is about to unveil its very own tablet. Rumor has it that Microsoft, perhaps in conjunction with Barnes & Noble, will announce a Windows-powered (presumably Windows 8) tablet, possibly in both ARM and x86 […]

Hotmail Gets Metro; What is Newmail?


News has leaked that Microsoft is redesigning its Hotmail interface and screenshots have been leaking out that show the working alpha version (see the gallery below). The redesign is long overdue and seems to be aimed at making Hotmail look similar to the Metro interface, the big change in Windows 8, bringing Microsoft’s offerings closer […]

3 Best Features in Windows 8 Release Preview

Windows 8 Metro Interface

Microsoft made the Windows 8 Release Preview available to all today and, while many are complaining that not enough has changed since February’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there are more than a few redeeming qualities to be found. Whether you plan to install today’s release in order to get a feel for it or you […]