Google’s Major Search Results Update


Today on October 14, Google has been started new search results criteria which affects most number of websites. Google is the all for many website or blog owners, so this kind of updates may be result in happy faces and also may be result in some bad moods too. Google is applying every update to […]

Track your Website on Google Search Results


As Google is No.1 source of traffic for every webmaster, tracking of any website on Google search results page is helpful to find out completion among similar content websites. For example, If your website content is based on sports news and you want to check its ranking for the keyword “sport news” you must recommend […]

New Change in Algorithm will be soon on Google Search


World’s top internet search engine service provider Google has been recently announced its updated algorithm for search criteria. As after recent panda update of google, it proved that “content is king”, this new change in algorithm will also help to all unique content container websites. In this new algorithm Google will list featured search results […]

Best Music Search Engine to Download Songs For Free


Have you ever make search of music files on internet to download free music? I am sure that you will 100% searching for it but not found best music search engine to download songs for free than check free music downloads to have ultimate music experience in both downloading and listening. You can search any […]

Find Your Favorite Files on Internet For Free


Have you lost your favorite file from your personal computer? No problem here is the solution. I just found the best file search engine on internet that can find almost all files you want with all active download links. From General Files search engine you can easily search any videos, music files or games and […]

Google has been changed its search algorithm by Panda Update 2011

Google has been changed its search algorithm by Panda Update 2011

Year 2011 may be good for some website owners or bloggers and may be bad for some too. The only reason behind this is Google’s new panda update for indexing websites, forums and blogs. This means Google scan all listed websites again and removes spam websites or blogs from search list. By doing this Google users can […]

Search By Image From Google


After long time reaserch and coding on search by image, Google is going to finaly launch this search feature very soon. From this feature we can search content from images uploaded or dragged to Yes, Its true there is two options available for image content searchers, one is to search by uploading image and other […]

Serch Engine Optimization : Simple Meaning


Here I am using “serch” instead of “search” reason is only because of search engine crawling system. There are lots of search happen of the keyword serch engine optimization with lower competition than “search engine optimization” keyword. Simple meaning of SEO is to put your web page in first place of first page of any search engine for any particular keyword. […]

Google follows Bing| Added background Image


At last Google started following Bing search. Now they have included the option to add a picture..[-]

Create Google custom search engine

We use Google search engine to solve our problems, query and questions. You can also add a mighty…[-]