Tips for getting likes on Facebook


In today’s world every brand has a presence on Social Media. Therefore, one of the fastest and easiest ways to judge the brand’s strength is to check the number of likes its Facebook page has. Moreover, getting higher number of likes is indicative of overall stronger brand relationships as well as greater audience approvals. Getting […]

5 useful Gmail tips that you probably don’t know


Here are five Gmail features that could prove useful for you. Some are hidden away on the Gmail Labs page — this is where you’ll find products that Gmail is currently working on. Undo Send Let’s start with the undo send feature. You first have to enable this option in Gmail Labs. To get there, […]

How to Use Skype on iPhone – Some Useful Tips


Skype makes this incredibly simple- all you have to do is download their free application onto your iPhone and you are ready to go.

Tips for Secure Surfing with a Wireless Router


Wireless Routers are designed to make it easy to network your home computers for easy access to a shared Internet connection. They can also be used to share files, photos and other documents among users. While out-of-the-box routers are typically designed for easy installation with some of the security features disabled, it’s better for your […]

Best 7 Tips For Writing a Novel


Do you see the story in your head but find yourself incapable of getting it all out on paper? Have you always wanted to write a novel? Do you begin excitedly writing and then get burnout almost before you’ve even began? If it all seems overwhelming maybe the following suggestions will help you become more […]

Best tips to sell your product online

Here we go straight without wasting any time….. 1) Identify your audience Ask yourself who are they? Most importantly, why are they at your site? What are their fears and what are they hoping to accomplish? 2) Identify your audience’s problem and exploit it It may sound bad, but you want to foster a feeling […]

Best 3 tips to make windows 7 faster

Most of the windows 7 user with low capacity of ram are complaining about the operating and boot speed of windows 7 as its low as comapred with windows xp. To resolve this problem just do the following : 1. Remove all unwanted items in your startup. 2. Defrag the hard disk regularly 3. keep windows7 […]