Bluehost Web Hosting Service: Pros and Cons


If you own a website or two it is important that you find a web hosting service that can help you run them. Of course, it’s not just about having your websites up and running but you should also choose a web hosting provider that is secured and reliable at all times. With so many […]

3 SEO Tips for a New Era


Search engine optimization is an absolute must is today’s landscape of overfull niches and endless content startups, making it possible for you to shine through the crowd when it comes to attention from Google and friends. But, with the rules constantly changing, how are you supposed to stay ahead of the SEO curve? Google has […]

Infringing on Copyrights? Google Will Punish You


Google has announced that a change in their search results ranking algorythm will soon begin penalizing websites about which the search giant has received copyright infringement complaints, once again changing the search landscape for those putting their hand to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. While obviously tight-lipped on the details of their ranking process, Google’s […]

8 Best Creative Portfolio Websites


Whether you’re designing your own portfolio in order to attract new clients or you’re working on behalf of a customer who demands the very best, taking notes from your colleagues around the web and around the world is a great way to stay fresh and generate new ideas. Sometimes getting down to designing for the […]

3 Eyesight Improving Tips for Bloggers

Improve Your Eyesight

Being a full-time blogger means staring at a screen for many hours each day and this presents a unique kind of eye strain. Avoid risks to your eyes and even improve your eyesight by using these three tips: 1. Stay Hydrated Like many other ailments that plague the human body, a quick fix can often […]

Is the SEO Industry Declining?

Search Engines

With Google’s latest Panda update to its search index algorithms, it is becoming more and more clear that many of the efforts made by web developers over the years to artificially boost their websites via unnatural links, directory submissions and keyword stuffing are quickly becoming obsolete. What is Google’s new focus? Social media. In their […]

You Could Own TechBusy It’s For Sale

Are you interested in owning a well-established, popular, high-traffic and revenue producing tech blog? Look not further: is for sale. While I purchased TechBusy only a couple of months ago and have put countless hours into it since, professional and personal obligations simply don’t allow me to continue to give the site the attention […]

Quality Written Content For Your Website

No matter what niche your website fills or what type of content it offers, the written word is at the base of how you convey information to your visitors. Whether your website offers products for sale or aims to inform on a given subject, textual content represents the core of your efforts. While researching and […]

How to Select All Friends for Facebook Page Suggestions


Last year’s updates that saw Facebook transform many aspects of its interface also saw the loss of a function loved by webmasters the world over: the “Select All” button that let you invite friends to like your fan pages without the need to click them one-by-one. If you’re tired of getting sore fingers after inviting […]

Google Penguin Recovery (Infographic)

Google Panda Recovery

Is your website suffering a Google Penguin hangover? For those outside of the SEO loop, “Penguin” is the codename given to Google’s latest search ranking update, an event that rewards some while punishing others, sometimes vastly changing traffic numbers overnight. Fortunately, recovery is possible and this infographic is a great way to get started!