There is a myth about macular degeneration that there is no type of treatment. But the real fact is you do have choices of treatment for macular degeneration. And the good news is you may help your vision with two simple steps to stabilize your vision. Be sure to combine those two techniques and you may find that your eyesight will improve progressively.

With macular degeneration there are actually two different types that people may suffer from. The first type is wet macular, which is actually caused by the growth of new blood vessels that are abnormal and will lead to severe loss of vision. And the most common is dry macular degeneration which is generally related with aging, excessive weight, poor diet, hypertension, drug effects, unprotected sun exposure, bad habit such as smoking and life style. Both types can be avoided or improved with the two below steps.

Step 1: Treatment for macular degeneration with better nutrient

Certain vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A, C and E will actually help with your vision. Adding in a serving of these different choices each day may help with slowing down the macular degeneration you are experiencing. Look into omega-3 fish oil, and also CoQ10 that has l-Carnitine in it.

Drink a daily juice that you make from organic fruits and vegetables. These are the following ingredients: collard greens, leeks, ginger, beets, cabbage, garlic, carrots, parsley, apples, celery, kale, grapes, spinach, lemon, raspberries, wheat grass and chlorophyll.

Cut down on the amount of caffeine that you drink every day. Stop eating foods that have been deep fried. Also you will want to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink each day.

Step 2: Treatment for macular degeneration with eye exercises

Choose special eye exercises that are created to strengthen the eye muscles, they also help stimulating the vision center of the brain. The basic eye exercises you must follow are those that train the eye muscles ability to focus objects at different distances. For example you can do by covering your left eye with one hand then change your right eye view from a near distance object to another long distance object. Keep moving the view several time and allow 2-3 seconds rest between view changing, do it slowly and don't forget to breathe in and out deeply while you rest. Continue the exercise with the left eye with the same manner.

Source by Elizabeth Moller