Four Personal Finance Apps Perfect For Thrifty Tech Junkies


Saving money isn’t always as easy as your parents had you believe when you were growing up. That piggy bank might have sounded like a great idea when you were ten but you didn’t have overdue bills and Netflix subscriptions back then. Fortunately, if you want to save money, technology has your back. Thanks to […]

Snapchat: The Next Instagram?


Snapchat, a photo messaging app, promises to better than other image-sharing programs. The app can take photos and record videos, and then these can be posted for a limited time that the users set. It was started by two college students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy from Stanford University, as a school project. The idea […]

5 Apps to Help You Better Manage Your College Experience


With college being more and more hectic each and every school year, students are lucky to have access to the whole of human knowledge in the palm of their hands with their smartphones and tablet computers. If you find yourself spending a bit too much time on Facebook or Twitter with your smartphone or tablet, consider a few of the excellent time saving and helpful apps described below:

Skype App Launched for Android Mobiles


World’s most used online communication system Skype has just launched its new application for android mobile phones. If your mobile supports video calling (and if you have sufficient balance in your Skype account) then you can make video call from Skype too. Skype is the service from which you can have voice call, chat or video call for minimal […]

Blackberry Playbook Launch Date and Price In India

BlackBerry PlayBook

All tablet geeks of India are waiting for Blackberry’s upcoming gadget BlackBerry Playbook. BB playbook has been already popular in rest of the world but it will launch in India on 22 June 2011. As it contains lots of features it will give tough fight to all competitors in its tablet range. You can put Blackberry […]

Live TV Software On Android Mobiles For Indian Channels


Android mobiles supports huge applications but only few are free and rest paid. But if you have good internet connection and like to watch tv on mobile then there is one good and free android application known as “Mera Live TV”. Mera Live TV is free android application from which you can watch live tv […]

Android vs Symbian Mobile OS


Inquiring tech minds want to know which is better: Android or Symbian? Android coming late to the game means that it is, from its core up, a more modern and glossy mobile OS, offering cutting-edge features not found in Symbian but Symbian’s age gives it a huge userbase, great stability and a name that inspires […]

Intel looking for Android operating systems


This Google operating system has great value and great performance in every place where it is applied. Weather its mobile or its tablet or its any other gadget, android is successful everywhere. After huge survey Intel decided to put android system in their upcoming smartphones. Android operating system for gadgets is not only faster but very simple to operate […]